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Below Guide: How to Recover Lost Items

Head for the red dot.

by William Schwartz


Being a rouge-lite game, you’ll die a lot in Below.  When you die, you’re going to drop everything that you’ve found along the way.  These items will drop at your death spot, but in Dark Souls fashion you’ll be able to head to your body to retrieve them in the next game.

Below is a game that can sometimes be hard to keep track of where you are and where you’ve been, but there’s a nice feature in the game that can point you in the direction of your lost items. If you press the back button on the controller it will bring up an overlay with both a map and a hint on where you need to go to pick up the items you’ve dropped.

At the top left of the overlay is a skull.  When this has a red mark next to it, you can go to this spot to retrieve dropped items.  When you’re on the right level, you’ll be able to see a red dot on the map that points where you need to go to collect your items.  If you are on the wrong level, there will be an arrow that points either up or down to tell you which direction you need to head.

When you die in Below you will drop all of the items that you’ve collected.  That means things like armor, weapons, crafting items, or others.  You will need to head back to your body when you die to recover these items but with this little guidance at least you can know where to look.

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