Best Blunt Weapon Build in Cyberpunk 2077 (2.0)

Learn the best perks to use with blunt weapons in Cyberpunk 2077!

by Marc Magrini
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Though Cyberpunk 2077’s most iconic melee weapons are usually bladed, the game allows players to inflict some blunt-force trauma with more than their fists. Hammers, clubs, and bats can be found in many different places throughout the world. Just like with other weapon types, these can also get some special buffs from the right perks. Players should look into the best perks for a blunt weapon build Cyberpunk 2077.

Best Perks for a Blunt Weapon Build in Cyberpunk 2077

Similarly to the best shotgun build, those wielding blunt weapons will want to focus on the Body and Reflexes perks. The entire right side of the Body tree (outside of Fury Road) will have perks that exclusively increase the potency of blunt weapons. You might also want to consider the Technical Ability tree to help out the effectiveness of Cyberware, since those additions will be of even greater assistance than usual.

Consider these perks above all else for a blunt weapon build:

Body Perks

  • Wrecking Ball — Reduces stamina cost and allows you to barrel into enemies by blocking and dashing with blunt weapons.
  • Fly Swatter — Reduces projectile damage by 40% when blocking.
  • Quake — Grants a slam attack that will stagger nearby enemies.
  • Aftershock — Increases stamina for each enemy hit with Quake.
  • Finisher: Savage Sling — Allows you to use a special finisher with blunt weapons, restoring 20% health when it’s used.
  • Adrenaline Rush — Increases Health and Health Regen. Primarily useful for the Calm Mind perk which will allow you to unlock Ripple Effect, restoring health for each enemy hit by Quake.

All of the perks specific to blunt weapons are found here, and none of them should be missed for this type of build. Consider getting some extra perks to increase health wherever you can, such as Speed Junkie or Army of One from the Body tree, since getting close to enemies will inevitably lead to you taking some damage yourself.

Reflexes Perks

  • Dash — Allows you to traverse ground more quickly.
  • Mad Dash — Increases dash distance when using it to reach enemies.
  • Air Dash — Unlocks the ability to dash in midair. Synergizes well with Quake and one of its related skills, Epicenter, which increases its AOE and damage depending on how far and fast you fall.
  • Aerial Acrobat — Improves your maneuverability while midair.

Getting the Dash perks will make it easier to reach foes, which will always be helpful with a melee weapon. Also consider investing more into Air Dash’s related skills, since attacking from the air will increase Quake’s effectiveness and allow you to get in some fantastic damage.

Technical Ability Perks

  • All Things Cyber — Increases the potency of stat modifiers and reduces Cyberware capacity cost.
  • Driver Update and Chipware Connoisseur — Increases the number of stat modifiers available for Cyberware.
  • Chrome Constitution — Reduces damage if all Integumentary System and Skeleton slots are filled.
  • License to Chrome — Increases Cyberware stat modifiers and armor, as well as the number of slots for skeleton Cyberware. You should grab all related perks if possible, especially Built Different to unlock the Cellular Adapter and Extended Warranty to increase the duration of Cyberware effects.
  • Edgerunner — Lets you exceed your Cyberware capacity at the cost of max health. Also gives you a chance to enter Fury when over capacity, increasing damage and critical chance.

Certain Cyberware upgrades can be incredibly useful for melee weapons in general. They’ll provide buffs to defense and offense, so getting perks that can improve Cyberware will be essential for tougher fights.

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Best Blunt Weapons to Get in Cyberpunk

Image: Attack of the Fanboy

There are more than a few fantastic blunt weapons to get. The Gold-Plated Baseball Bat can be obtained in the Second Conflict quest, and the Gorilla Arms can be purchased from Ripperdocs starting at level 10. If you want a simpler-yet-effective choice earlier in the game, you can get Sir John Phallustiff from Meredith if you sided with her and fought Maelstrom during The Pickup. Despite seeming like a complete joke weapon, its great damage and unique status capabilities make it into an even bigger boon than you might think.

Best Cyberware for Blunt Weapons

Above all else, you should obtain a Berserk Operating System for your Cyberware. This will be your greatest tool when facing insurmountable odds, as it will prevent you from dying while increasing your damage. You should also consider Cyberware that will mainly improve your health and armor, such as the Epimorphic Skeleton and the Cellular Adapter. Survivability is vital for close-range combat, and you’ll be truly unstoppable if no one can make a dent in your health.

- This article was updated on October 2nd, 2023

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