Best Cyberpunk 2077 Katana Build (2.0): Stats, Abilities, Gear, and Cyberware

Are you trying to create the best Cyberpunk 2077 katana build around?

by Gordon Bicker
Image of the main player character standing on a rooftop looking over a pyramid shaped building named the "Heavy Hearts Club". A katana is being wielded by the player and it has a red glow attached to it.
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Cyberpunk 2077 has a vast variety of ways you can build your character’s perks and stats to your liking and for those who enjoy wielding a Katana like myself, you can easily turn into the next Deadpool in Night City without too much effort. However, that is only if you know which perks to apply and what Katanas to utilize the most. This article will take you through the best Katana build in Cyberpunk 2077.

Greatest Katana Build for Any Occasion in Cyberpunk 2077

First of all, for the build, you will of course need a brutal Katana to bring along with you. The highest damage Katanas in the game are the Black Unicorn (link your GOG account and search your stash), the Errata (found in the furnace room of the building opposite the Republic East fast travel point or bought from the Black Market vendor in the Stadium), and the Satori Katana.

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The Satori is acquired via the Konpeki Plaza (The Heist) main quest on the helicopter pad but can still be grabbed via glitching into the building after by bringing a car up to the main door, exiting next to the shutters and then they will open. I personally recommend the Errata for the build because of the 30% burn chance but any of these three Katanas can be used excellently with the build.

Best Perks and Attributes

Image: Attack of the Fanboy

For the progression of your character to level 60 you will want to make the following attribute investments listed below. These will ensure you are prepped for selecting all of the best perks for the Katana build and are simply the minimum amount needed per section. You can invest extra points into attributes you personally find useful.

  • Reflexes: 20
  • Body: 15 (mainly used for health increase)
  • Technical Ability: 15
  • Intelligence: 15
  • Cool: 10 if you own Phantom Liberty, six if not.

As for the perks per attribute, here’s what I would recommend to get the absolute most out of your build. The attribute is listed at the top then the perks are under the column. The Reflexes attribute contains some of the most important perks for the build like being able to deflect bullets by way of Lead and Steel. Similarly, dash and air-dash are perfect for navigating the field.

ReflexesBodyTechnical AbilityIntelligenceCoolRelic (Phantom Liberty)
SlipperyPainkillerAll Things Cyber (Level Two)OptimizationFeline FootworkJailbreak
Muscle MemoryComeback KidChrome ConstitutionProximate PropagationUnexposedEmergency Cloaking
Power SlideDorph-headDriver UpdateEncryptionKiller InstinctData Tunneling
Dash (Level two)Speed JunkieLicense to Chrome (Level three)CarhackerRoad WarriorN/A
Air Dash (Level three)Army of OneAmbidextrousSubordinationN/AN/A
Stuntjock (Useful for vehicles)Fury RoadGlutton for WarEmbedded Exploit (Level two)N/AN/A
Lead and Steel (Level two)Adrenaline Rush (Level two)First AidEye in the SkyN/AN/A
Seeing DoubleN/ACyborgHack Queue (Level two)N/AN/A
Flash and ThunderclapN/AN/AN/AN/AN/A
Mean StreakN/AN/AN/AN/AN/A
Bullet DeflectN/AN/AN/AN/AN/A
Bullet TimeN/AN/AN/AN/AN/A
Finisher: Bladerunner (Level three)N/AN/AN/AN/AN/A

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Best Side Weapons, Cyberware, and Gear for the Katana Build

Image: Attack of the Fanboy

Finally, for the build, you will want to have suitable side gear brought along with you. I personally recommend bringing a high-powered Sniper Rifle like Sparky along with you and any SMG or assault rifle. If you have been cornered with lower health and don’t have time to slash away too much longer then switching to a fast fire rate weapon can work great.

Monowire Tips

Along with this, use any Electrifying Monowire as one of your Cyberware slots. Even a Tier Three Monowire can be effective here but aim for Tier Four and above. If you have Phantom Liberty then this is especially important as you can take the build to an even further point. Make sure to equip the Weapon Glitch control quick hack to your monowire after unlocking all of the Relic perks listed in the section above.

Once you have, you can switch to the monowire at any point, charge it, then hit enemies with it. After this, their weapons will jam allowing you to go in with your katana for the finishing strikes easily. The monowire I have found to be even more important than the other weapons you will have with you besides the Katana.

General Cyberware and Quick Access Gear

For your general Cyberware Operating System choice, if you don’t want to use any quickhacks, bring along the Millitech Apogee Sandevistan which can be found for free at level 40 in the same furnace building in Santo Domingo as the Errata was. However, you can also buy it if you prefer from a Ripperdoc. You can mix and match to your own playstyle in terms of the Cyberware but here are some must-haves. Choose Reinforced Tendons for your legs so you can use double jump which pairs nicely with Air Dash.

Location of building with Errata and the Millitech Apogee Sandevistand | Image: Attack of the Fanboy

As for your Circulatory System, parts like Microrotors which increase melee attack speed always come in handy. Stabber should also be put on your Nervous System for extra crit chance with blades. Optical Camo can be used as a great quick-access gear and it will let you escape enemies easily by use of the Emergency Cloaking Relic perk or simply prepare for another slice.

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It is also useful to have Subdermal Armor for further protection in terms of armor. You can opt for adding Bionic Joints too for even more. Finally, choose the Maxdoc MK.5 for your quick access healing item which will give you plenty of health in a pinch throughout tense battles. With all of that, you are now ready to make your way back into Night City and strike fear into your enemy’s hearts with this build, enjoy!

- This article was updated on September 29th, 2023

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