Best Bruen Mk9 Zombies Build in Modern Warfare 3

Learn about the best Bruen MK9 zombies build in MW3.

by Christian Bognar
Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 3 Bruen MK9 LMG Best Zombies build

The Bruen Mk9 is a top choice among players in the Modern Warfare 3 community, mainly due to its sheer firepower and high damage output. You’ll want to use this bad boy in Zombies mode, as there is one specific build that can make it unstoppable.

This guide explores the best Bruen Mk9 zombie build that increases the gun’s maximum potential through various attachments.

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Bruen Mk9 Zombies Build in MW3

This Bruen Mk9 Zombies build aims to improve recoil, handling, and mobility. Here are the best attachments you should equip to the Bruen Mk9 before heading into your next Modern Warfare 3 zombie match.

  • Muzzle: Purifier Muzzle Break
  • Underbarrel: DR-6 Handstop
  • Rear Grip: Strip-40 Grip
  • Magazine: 60 Round Mag
  • Optic: MK .3 Reflector

While the recoil of the Bruen Mk9 isn’t the worst, it’s always smart to minimize this stat as much as possible in zombies, considering every shot counts to get you out of a pickle. The Purifier Muzzle Break aims to do just that, with a strong focus on reducing horizontal recoil by upwards of 20% and improving your accuracy across the board. Combining this with the Strip-40 Rear Grip is a smart move, reaching the point of barely noticing any recoil.

The DR-6 Handstop is an excellent addition as it will increase aim-down sight speed, allowing you to get shots off quicker and rack up zombie kills faster. It also raises your sprint to fire speed, which can be the extra push you need to survive the match.

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While most players think choosing a high-round drum is the best choice for a magazine, I would disagree and say it’s wiser to pick the 60-round mag. The reason is that the Bruen Mk9 doesn’t have the best handling and mobility, so adding the 60-round mag aims to improve that. If you want to choose quantity over quality, then pick the 200-round belt instead, which will give you more ammo but reduced handling.

The best optic for a Bruen Mk9 zombies build is the MK .3 Reflector. Considering there is so much going on in any zombie match, you don’t want an optic that is too distracting, and the MK .3 Reflector keeps it simple while also improving your vision. The optic is a simple dot in the middle and works flawlessly on the Bruen Mk9.

Now that you have the best build for the Bruen Mk9 in Zombies, you should survive your next match with no problem at all. We have plenty of Modern Warfare 3 zombie builds on the Attack of the Fanboy site, so feel free to check them out. For example, we have a Riveter, Pulemyot 762, and SVA 545 build guides to prepare you for your quest against the undead!

- This article was updated on January 2nd, 2024

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