Best Fishing Spots in Story of Seasons: A Wonderful Life, Ranked

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by Alex Huebner
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Fishing in Story of Seasons: A Wonderful Life is a relaxing activity and one of the best ways to bring money to your farm, especially in the early game. There’s a good variety of fish available to catch and they all can be sold for a different amount. This list of the best fishing spots in Story of Seasons: A Wonderful Life will help you figure out where it’s best to spend your time.

Fishing Rods

Before we talk about the best fishing spots, you’ll want to keep upgrading your fishing rod. The types of fish you can catch will change based on the type of fishing pole you have. You start with the Basic Fishing Rod and can upgrade to Copper in Summer. From there, the next two springs you can get an upgraded rod, the Silver then the Golden. These are purchased from Van, the traveling merchant but will only be available if you have caught enough fish. After you have the Golden Rod the Goddess Rod can be earned from Gary through a Bulletin Board mission he will post only if your friendship level is high enough.


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To get the best chance at making the most money, you’ll want to head to the beach with your pole. This is hands down one of the best fishing spots in the whole game. With the Basic Rod, you can get a fish worth up to 100 gold — Huge Scad. This is the only location where you can catch this fish. As you continue to get upgraded rods, the top fish you can get in the ocean is always more than your top fish in other spots. Once you get Copper Rod there are four fish worth over 100 gold. With a Goddess Rod you can catch some rare items here as well — Legendary Sword and Message in a Bottle, which are part of the wonders quest.

Past the Bridge

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The stream is split into two sections when it comes to available fish. We’ve differentiated here based on the flow of the water — waterfall and past the bridge — this is for past the bridge. Once you’ve upgraded to the Copper Rod, the stream past the bridge is one of the spots that offers more total fish options but the total income potential here is higher, ocean fish aside. The highest income here is the Huge Char which can bring in 160 gold.

Turtle Pond

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This is found between Gustafa’s Yurt and Gordy’s Yard. When fishing in the Turtle Pond you’re more likely to catch bass than catfish. When you do catch catfish they are worth slightly more than the bass, which can also be caught in the stream after the bridge and the Goddess Pond if you have the Copper Rod. While these aren’t worth as much as the fish in the locations above, you can still get as much as 140 gold with a Huge Armur Catfish if you’re lucky.


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When talking about the waterfall here, it includes the stream all the way up to the bridge. Beyond the bridge is another section of fishing. Fishing in the stream before the bridge I’d tie with the Goddess Pond. It’s much more worth it once you have at least a Silver Rod. On the low end you can get a Lil Stringfish that you can sell for 90 gold and the values go up from there. However, the fish here are still worth less than the other locations.

Goddess Pond

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Although this is a beautiful area, it’s not really the best place to fish for value. Overall you will get less money for the fish you catch here than in the other locations. But if you’re looking for purely a relaxing activity in a serene location and not in it for the money, this is the best visual spot in my opinion. Once you have a Silver Rod here, you can begin to earn more for these fish than the stream before the bridge. The benefit to this location once you have a Goddess Rod is it can gift you a rare item you can’t catch elsewhere, the Golden Axe, part of the wonders quest.

- This article was updated on August 9th, 2023

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