Best GTA 5 Roleplay Servers on PS4

What role will you fill?

by Noah Nelson
Image: Rockstar Games

Roleplaying servers are becoming more popular in games like GTA V. In roleplay servers, you’ll experience players roleplaying characters and events, custom cars, and so much more. Here are the best GTA V roleplay servers you can join today.

Best RP Servers in GTA V PS4

GTA 5 Roleplay – Next Generation

Next Generation is a reputable GTA V roleplay server for PlayStation 4 that has been around and growing for a long time now. There are several Next Generation roleplay servers to join and they all feature supportive 24/7 support, anti-cheat, and weekly updates.

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In Next Generation, you can create your own Mafia, level up through a unique experience system with multiple roleplay jobs, and take part in automatic events that occur frequently. Join Next Generation by checking out their site and joining their Discord.

GTA 5 Roleplay – Global Roleplay

Global Roleplay is an amazing GTA V roleplay server that does exactly what you’d expect. Global is known for being global — meaning you can find a server in the UK, Germany, Italy, France, Spain, and many more places.

Global is very attentive to those new to roleplay and usually has thousands of helpful players online to get you going. Check out their site and start roleplaying in Global today.

GTA 5 Roleplay – Grand Roleplay

Grand roleplay is an excellent GTA V roleplay server. There are tens of thousands of players here daily. It’s a public server, but it features a lot of excellent roleplay that is light and fun.

To join Grand Roleplay, all you need to do is join their Discord via this link. There, you’ll be introduced to other players and know where to join the server.

Those are the best GTA V roleplay servers for PlayStation 4. Of course, these popular RP networks have servers for other consoles as well, so if you have an Xbox or PC, you can participate in these amazing GTA V roleplaying servers as well.

- This article was updated on March 29th, 2023

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