Best Guns in Warzone Right Now – February 2022

From snipers to assault rifles, here is our breakdown of the best guns in Warzone right now.

by Noah Nelson


There are a lot of guns in Warzone, some better than others. Whether you’re an assault rifle guy or prefer sniping, there is definitely something for you. In this list, we’ll help guide you to choosing the best guns in Warzone in February 2022.

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Best Guns in Warzone

Like any popular live service game, guns go in and out of the meta. For Warzone, buffs and nerfs to guns come fairly regularly with updates to keep things balanced. Let’s get into the best guns.

For assault rifles, the best choices are the extremely popular STG44 and the Cooper Carbine. Both of these guns are very versatile and will offer you great support for either short, medium, or long-range attacks. The guns you’ll want to steer clear of this season are the AK-47 (MW), the Oden, and the FR 5.56.

As far as LMGs go, one of, if not the best, gun in the game is the Bren. Paired with the right attachments, the Bren is an unstoppable force. The other two formidable LMGs that are easy to use and pack a punch are the MG42 and the Type 11. Though they might not be the most mobile, these guns dominate the medium to long-range meta better than any other gun on this list.

If you’re looking to know what the best SMGs are, look no further. By far, the best SMGs are the PPSh-41 (Vanguard) and the MP-40. While the PPSh-41 works perfectly for shredding enemies at close range, the MP-40 excels at short to medium ranges. You’ll want to avoid the KSP 45 and the Striker 45 this season.

And last but not least, the snipers. Your two best options are either the Kar98k (MW) or the Swiss K31. Both of these snipers have proved themselves to be on top, but the Kar98k (MW) has the edge with its Focus perk. The snipers that don’t perform as well are the semi-automatic rifles like the M82 or the Dragunov since there are better replacements within assault rifles or even LMGs.

And there you have it, the best guns in Warzone for January 2022. No matter the gun you pick, if you get kills with it, keep using it. Always remember to have fun regardless of the meta.

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- This article was updated on February 1st, 2022

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