Best Halo Infinite PC Settings: Boost FPS and Increase Performance

Ways to increase Halo Infinite's performance on PC.

by Gordon Bicker


Halo Infinite has launched its multiplayer component for free and there are many ways to boost Halo Infinite’s FPS and increase performance across the board for PC. In terms of the game itself, players have eagerly been diving into the experience to enjoy everything new that is on offer for the series. There is a new battle pass that players have been working their way through and gaining all the rewards possible to get in the game so far. Whether you are taking the fight to your enemies with your teammates online or plan on hopefully joining up locally, it is time to suit up and get into the action once again.

What Changes Will I See in Boosting Performance?

By following this guide and opting to improve the performance of Halo Infinite, you will see a notable change in the overall gameplay experience. These changes will increase the user experience for you and allow you to fully experience the true nature of the game in the best FPS.

The changes will likely take place after a quick restart of the game when you have proceeded with some or all of the following steps.

How to Boost FPS and Increase Performance of Halo Infinite

A few steps can be taken to ensure that you boost the performance of the experience. One of these methods is by prioritizing Halo Infinite for your PC if you are playing on that particular platform, you can do this by going to the ‘Task Manager’, then the ‘Details’ section and then find and right-click on ‘Halo Infinite.exe’, be sure you have chosen the correct one and then select ‘priority’ and choose the option of ‘high’ priority. This will cause a significant increase in the performance and potentially even the FPS of the game.

Another way you can go about increasing performance is to close any background applications you have open that you don’t need to have open while playing Halo Infinite. Furthermore, spending some time in the game’s ‘Video’ settings and lowering certain settings that may be beneficial to do so for your specific setup may see some improvements for the frame rate.

The maps in Halo Infinite are breathtaking and you will need some of the best graphics equipment to experience them in the fullest clarity. However, if you are playing on PC and using an ‘AMD Radeon RX 500 Series GPU’ there have been numerous reportings of crashes and this can be fixed by making sure that Async Compute in the video settings is disabled which will stop the crashes from occurring and boost performance once again.

If you are looking for performance increase in an abstract sense then upping the sensitivity of looking around with weapons and in general, may be something that you could also look into changing. Some players have noted that the default sensitivity is a little low for their liking so changing the sensitivity to something higher may result in a greater gameplay experience for you.

Will you be increasing the performance and boosting the FPS of Halo Infinite this month?

Halo Infinite fully releases on December 8th for Xbox Series X/S, Xbox One, and PC.

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