Best Herb Cookie Toppings Build in Cookie Run Kingdom

Find out which toppings to add to your Herb Cookie!

by Kara Phillips


Cookie Run: Kingdom is much more than just a cutesy cookie-collector game. Although gathering every sweet-looking baked good is integral to gameplay, ensuring you’re maximizing their capabilities is almost as important as getting them all. With many toppings to apply to each character to make them as robust as possible, it’s easy to get swept up and lose track of how to make the most of what’s in front of you. So read on to find out about the best Toppings and Builds for Herb Cookie.

Best Build for Herb Cookie in Cookie Run Kingdom

When building the perfect healer in Cookie Run Kingdom, Toppings are predominantly focused on reduced Cooldown Time. So for Herb Cookie, several potential builds could make it a treasured addition to the team. Because of this, a complete Swift Chocolate Build is ideal for a character with such potent healing opportunities. For example, applying Five Epic Swift Chocolate Toppings will reduce the cooldown period from 17 to 14. However, if your Herb Cookie is already at Level 60, the cooldown will be reduced to 11, which is the lowest cooldown possible for a healer.

Suppose you aren’t willing to sacrifice all your Epic Swift Chocolate Toppings on one cookie. In that case, Searing Raspberry Toppings are rapidly gaining popularity for healer cookies. This is unusual since these toppings are usually devoted to increasing DMG substats in DPS cookies like Dark Choco Cookie. A complete Searing Raspberry Build has the potential to increase healing stats from between 25% to a maximum of 40%, depending on the PvE level or what the opposing team consists of in PvP. This upgrade would put Herb Cookies’ healing capabilities up with the Pure Vanilla Cookie, which many players would suggest is the most potent healer in the game.

Cookie Run: Kingdom is available on Android and iOS.

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