Best Pure Vanilla Cookie Toppings Build in Cookie Run Kingdom

There's nothing sweeter!

by Kara Phillips


A balanced team in Cookie Run: Kingdom is essential for any player looking to succeed. While it may be practical to have a lot of power-hungry hard hitters, it’s also necessary to make sure your team is consistently healed by a reliable source, which is why healer Cookies should be included in every team when possible. Luckily, players with access to healer cookies can be optimized with toppings to make them incredibly useful for every team. So read on to discover how you can add toppings to make the most of your Pure Vanilla Cookie.

Best Pure Vanilla Cookie Builds in Cookie Run: Kingdom

Pure Vanilla Cookie is claimed to be one of the strongest healers within the game, so every player should optimize these abilities through the toppings applied to the character. Because of this, the best toppings to apply are either Swift Chocolate or Solid Almonds. A complete Swift Chocolate Build (five Swift Chocolate Toppings)  will optimize Pure Vanilla’s cooldown time and allow healing opportunities to open up more often. However, a pure Solid Almond Build (Five Solids Almond Toppings) will provide a higher damage resistance, which is critical for a support-based character. The last thing you need is a healer going down mid-fight.

However, if you don’t want to optimize a solid build of the same toppings, then you can combine these two toppings. Although the buffs won’t be as potent if you combine toppings, you’ll be able to utilize the best of both worlds. The best combination of Toppings for Pure Vanilla would be three Swift Chocolate to harness cooldown speed and two Solid Almond toppings for the damage resistance. If you’re running short on either Topping, combining two is an optimal approach, especially for new players.

Cookie Run: Kingdom is available on Android and iOS.

- This article was updated on October 4th, 2022

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