Best Hunter Spec in World of Warcraft Dragonflight

Beast Hunter, Marksmanship, or Survival

by J.T. Isenhour

Every new World of Warcraft expansion requires the community to come together and decide where all classes and specializations rank once again. Hunter and its specializations are the class that gets looked at quite a lot since it has so much utility in World of Warcraft. Let’s go over which Hunter specialization is the best to use in World of Warcraft Dragonflight.

Best Hunter Specialization in World of Warcraft Dragonflight

The biggest change that all classes have received in Dragonflight is the major rework of the talent system. This opened up the specializations for each class by allowing them to have a classwide talent tree to allow for more shared abilities between specializations.

This change had a huge impact on hunters since it allowed all of the hunters’ specializations to have access to more classwide utility moves. However to call just one hunter specialization the best in the game is almost impossible. Different kinds of endgame content will test classes in different ways. So depending on the type of content the best specialization will change.

Best Hunter Specialization for Dungeons and PvE Content

Marksmanship Hunter takes the cake for being the best specialization for your high-end mythic+ dungeon and open-world PvE content. This is mainly because of their consistently great AOE damage. Not only do they have a high uptime for their AOE damage, but it is also the highest amount of AOE DPS you can get out of all the hunter specs.

Since it also has access to the pet properties and can help out the whole party with these buffs, it is a decent pick to have a single hunter on your team. Not only does it help with AOE ad clear, but the hunter can also provide damage buffs to themselves and the rest of the party. Thus helping out the main single target damage dealer get their numbers up even higher.

Best Hunter Specialization for Raiding

The best Hunt spec for raiding is Beast Master by a large margin. Beast Master offers the best single-target damage out of all the Hunter specs. As well as also having access to all the pet buffing effects that all hunter specs have.

However, what really puts Beast Master up at the top of the charts for raiding is the ability to use their full damage rotation while on the move. Most ranged classes will need to stand still to cast their spells but Beast Master can move around and use their abilities at the same time.

This is a huge advantage when it comes to raids. Since most raids will require players to constantly be on the move to dodge huge AOE attacks that will kill them. This creates a bit of DPS downtime for most damage dealers as they might not be able to get close enough to the boss to hit them or can’t sit still long enough to cast a spell.

However, Beast Master doesn’t have to worry about this, which leads to them almost never missing a bit of damage. This doesn’t mean that you want a full roster of Beast Master Hunters in all of your raids. But having one or two to help out with the damage can make a bit of a difference.

- This article was updated on January 9th, 2023

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