Best Johnny Build in The Texas Chain Saw Massacre: Skill Tree, Perks, and Attributes

Victims can run, but they can't hide with this Johnny TCSM build guide.

by Thomas Cunliffe
Image: Gun Interactive

Johnny Slaughter boasts the ability to track Victims down and eliminate them in just a few blows. Join us as we pick apart Johnny’s Skill Tree, Perks, and Attributes to craft the best Johnny Build in The Texas Chain Saw Massacre. With this guide, Victims can run, but they can’t hide. Unless they’re Leland.

The Best Loadout for Johnny in The Texas Chain Saw Massacre

Image: Attack of the Fanboy, Gun Interactive

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Best Johnny Skill Tree Path

  • Johnny-Skill-Tree-4
  • Johnny-Skill-Tree-2-1
  • Johnny-Skill-Tree-3

From the Beginning of Johnny’s Skill Tree, take the left path and collect all nodes until you reach the first Brancdon’tath.

From the first Branched Path, take a right and spend your Skill Points on every node until the next branch.

At the second Branched Path, take a right and work your way up to the final branch. From here, choose the right path and finish up your Skill Tree.

Due to the frustrating nature of Random Perks, you may need to Respec multiple times before receiving every Perk used in this build. You won’t lose any Skill Points when doing this, so keep at it!

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Best Johnny Hunt Abilities in TCSM

  • Level 1 — Increase Clue Range
  • Level 2 — Increase Clue Range
  • Level 3 — Analyze Clues Faster

Choosing Increase Clue Range at both Level 1 and Level 2 increases your detection range by a solid 45%. This allows you to track Victims much easier, which is especially useful when you’ve completely lost track of them, or Leland decides to be Leland.

Johnny’s animation when tracking is annoyingly long, which is where Analyze Clues Faster comes in handy. This makes analysis 50% faster, giving you a better chance of catching up to Victims before they escape.

Best Johnny Perks and Grandpa Ability

  • Tracker Tagged
  • Down the Rabbit Hole or Serrated
  • Feral
  • Swinging for the Fences (Grandpa Ability)

Tracker Tag synergizes perfectly with Johnny’s Hunt ability, allowing you to track down Victims, slash them, and highlight them for your entire team. This also comes in handy when Hunt is on cooldown, and your foe squeezes into a crawl space or gap you can’t fit through.

Serrated causes Victims to take extra damage for 3-5 seconds, depending on your level. While the additional damage isn’t enormous, it certainly adds up over time.

Alternatively, you can pick Down the Rabbit Hole to improve your tracking skills even more for those slippery Victims who like to throw themselves down wells. There’s always one — always.

Finally, Feral supplies you with a few free Savagery points, freeing up Attribute points to spend on improving Johnny’s Endurance.

Swinging for the Fences is our preferred Grandpa Ability, reducing Stamina consumption for melee attacks by 20%—a nice little bonus for you and the Family.

Best Johnny Attribute Point Allocation

  • 50 Savagery
  • 42 Endurance

Maxxing out Savagery makes Johnny powerful enough to (almost) rival Leatherface. Increasing Endurance also allows us to chase the Victims we hunt down for longer and gives us breathing room for more swings.

While managing to play as Johnny in every game of TCSM sounds excellent, there will be times when you’re forced to play as good ‘ol Bubba. Check out our guide on the best Leatherface build so you’re never caught unprepared.

Author’s Note: This guide was written while playing The Texas Chain Saw Massacre on Xbox Series X.

- This article was updated on August 30th, 2023

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