3 Best Jumpshots in NBA 2K22

Jump on it!

by Noah Nelson

Though it may not seem like it, NBA 2K22 is an intense basketball RPG where you need to create the best jumpshot build to win games. While you can focus on getting the right answers to the music scene quest and learning how to use a skateboard in NBA 2K22, to really maximize how efficient you are on the court, you’ll need these three jumpshots. Here are the best jumpshots in NBA 2K22.

3 Best Jumpshots in NBA 2K22

Although some players excel in the paint, you’ll find the most success on the three-point line with jumpshots. But not every jumpshot is the same. There are definitely a handful of jumpshots that are better than others.

Though you can just copy the jumpshots of some of the best basketball players in the NBA, you’ll find the best jumpshots by customizing them yourself. There are four basic jumpshot animation customizations that you need to know: lower/base, upper release 1, upper release 2, and blending. Here is what each of those determine:

  • Lower/Base – The angle of your player’s body, the shot timing, pre-jump moton, and height/direction of the jumpshot.
  • Upper Release 1 – When, how, and where the ball is released from the player’s hand.
  • Upper Release 2 – Can combine shot release animations.
  • Blending – Directs the speed at which the ball is released and how much of each upper style animation functions.

Now that you know the jumpshot basics, here are the top three jumpshots in NBA 2K22.

Best Jumpshot for Any Build

  • Lower/Base – Jump Shot 98
  • Upper Release 1 – Rudy Gay
  • Upper Release 2 – Rudy Gay
  • Blending – N/A
  • Release Speed – 0%

Best Jumpshot for Green Shots

  • Lower/Base – Jump Shot 53
  • Upper Release 1 – Release 58
  • Upper Release 2 – Release 138
  • Blending – 50/50
  • Release Speed – 50%

Best Jumpshot for Quick Release

  • Lower/Base – Dwayne Wade
  • Upper Release 1 – Rudy Gay
  • Upper Release 2 – Release 146
  • Blending – 60/40
  • Release Speed – 100%

NBA 2K22 is available now on PC, PS4, PS5, Xbox One, and Xbox Series X|S.

- This article was updated on January 10th, 2023

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