Best Madden NFL 23 Offensive Playbooks and Schemes

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If you’re looking to keep your win streak positive in Madden NFL 23, you’re going to need to know which playbooks to use. As you start drafting your Ultimate Team together and start messing around more in-depth, you’ll soon be able to start running your own empire, alongside your favorite players. But, if you want to keep your win streak going as long as possible, which Playbooks do you need to use?

Let’s dive in and find out which Playbooks will almost certainly always guarantee you a major victory, no matter if you’re playing against your friends, or if you’re playing against the CPU. Here are the best offensive Playbooks and Schemes that you can use while emersed in the world of the National Football League!

Best Offensive Playbooks In Madden NFL 23

No matter what kind of a player you are, someone that is starting in the series for the first time, or someone who has been running side by side with this franchise for years at this point, it never hurts to switch things up. If you’ve found a team that you absolutely love to play as, but can’t figure out why you can’t win a game, you may need to switch things up a bit. Give one of these Playbooks a try, and you may find yourself bringing home the Lombardi Trophy more than once.

Indianapolis Colts

If you’re looking to put your offensive skills on show, you’re going to love playing around with the flexibility that the Colts playbook has to offer. If you’re a fan of flashy throws and big plays, you’ll want to bookmark the Bunch Offset, as you’ll find plenty of huge opportunities here. Make sure that you get yourself accustomed to these plays, and get yourself familiarized with its particular brand of pushing offensive plays, and you’ll be ready to start bringing home the wins quickly and easily.

Minnesota Vikings

With a completely new playbook, you’ll find that the normally docile Vikings bring the pressure, and start to become one of the best playbooks that you can use in the game. You’ll find plenty of excellent formations and plays, including the Split WR Backfield, which will help you get the drop on the opposing team, allowing you a chance to get into the perfect position before unloading a proper bullet to your Wide Receiver of choice. Make sure to put this one on your radar, as it is one of the best in the game.

Los Angeles Chargers

If you’re looking to not only deliver some bombs but also have a few choice plays that will help you no matter the situation that you’re in, giving the Los Angeles Chargers playbook a shot could help you elevate your game to the next level. Checking out the Ace Slot section, you’ll find plenty of running plays that will help you out in a last-ditch effort to cross the first-yard line, as well as huge pass plays that can get you into the endzone quickly and effectively. Giving this one a try can help you work out some tricky plays, as well, so make sure you’re trying this one out.

Cincinnati Bengals

While they may not be the winningest team in the NFL, that doesn’t mean that their playbook isn’t phenomenal. You’ll find an insane amount of variety in their playbook, almost to a fault in some ways. Giving the Bunch plays a lookover, you’ll understand why you shouldn’t overlook this playbook. Pairing the right team with this playbook can help you take a normally great team, and make them excellent, especially with the variety that it offers. Big plays and great runs are soon to be in your future once you give this playbook a try.

New Orleans Saints

If you take a look through the leaderboards for Madden NFL 23, you’re going to notice something in particular. One team, especially, tends to rank quite high on 3rd down conversions. That team, in particular, is the New Orleans Saints. Checking into the Empty Y-Saint category, you’ll find an absolutely stellar array of plays available for you, letting you get that final bit of yardage that you may need, or giving yourself a chance to blow your opposition away with some amazing offensive moves. Give this one a try if you’re ready to bring the pain to your foes.

And that’s all we’ve got for the best offensive playbooks to look into for this game! If you’re loving everything that it has to offer, make sure that you’re checking out our Madden NFL 23 Guide Section, where you’ll be able to find out who the best Team Captains are in Ultimate Team, the full quick sell values for your MUT cards, and the best alternate jerseys for your favorite teams, if you’re looking for a chance of color.

Madden NFL 23 is available now on PlayStation5, PlayStation 4, Xbox Series X/S, Xbox One, and PC.


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