Best MapleStory Private Servers to Play On

The best of the best.

by Noah Nelson
Image: Nexon

MapleStory is an old 2D, F2P, MMORPG that is still kicking around with some great private servers to play on. Whether you are new to using the Extreme Growth Potion in MapleStory or are an expert at the game, these private servers offer a different perspective on one of the most popular games of all time.

Best MapleStory Private Servers to Play On


If you enjoyed the OG MapleStory and don’t love all the new changes, MapleRoyals is the private server for you. Everything about MapleRoyals is aimed at capturing the nostalgia of when MapleStory first came out.

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There is no pay-to-win here and the live community always hovers around 1,000 players. You can visit the MapleRoyals website to download this private server and get right into it.


If you have been playing MapleStory for a while and are looking for something new to play, try the Castela private server. The Castela MapleStory private server takes the base game and improves upon it in almost every way by including a lot of skill balancing, lots of new bosses and the new Battle Mage class, and much more.

In Castela, there are reworked part quests, hundreds of new weapons, accessories, and armor, and the Ultimate Adventurer class. Expand your love of MapleStory by joining the Castela private server which has around 500 to 1,000 players daily.


If you want to get back into MapleStory, MapleSaga is a great private server option. MapleSaga is similar to MapleRoyals in that it aims to capture the old-school feel and look of MapleStory. But what makes MapleSaga different is that you’ll earn experience eight times faster.

If you’ve never liked the XP grind of MapleStory, then MapleSaga is the private server for you since you’ll earn XP eight times faster here.

These are a few of the best MapleStory private servers to enjoy. Hopefully, you find one that you love!

- This article was updated on March 15th, 2023