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10 Best Minecraft Jungle Seeds

If you’re ready to jump into the world of Minecraft and find something new and exciting to look forward to, the possibilities are endless. Seeing signs untold can be quite a magical experience, and these Jungle seeds for the Bedrock version of Minecraft will give you the perfect chance to build an amazing new survival world or unleash your creative prowess with your friends. No matter, we’ve rounded up 10 amazing Jungle seeds to help you feel some new inspiration. Let’s get lost and have the time of our lives.

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Best Jungle Seeds In Minecraft

No matter if you just got done exhausting our list of the best Castle seeds, or just want to do something after completing all of the free Adventure Worlds that are available, you’ll find some of the best worlds possible by searching these worlds out.


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If you’re hoping to lose yourself in the lush greens of the wild, this seed is going to be perfect for your next adventure. Plopped directly into the jungle, you’ll need to scavenge and survive if you’re hoping to get out of here alive. This is going to be something perfect for those jumping into a Survival World, as it could be a little boring for Creative players.

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This seed will plop you down directly in the middle of a beautiful jungle area, but there is a bit of hope. There are some villages nearby, but you’ll need to spend the time escaping from this lush wonderland if you’re hoping to interact with them once again. Even if you decide not to visit these villages, you’ll still find an absolutely massive area to explore with plenty to do.


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Not only is there a large jungle to explore in this seed, but you’ll also have the chance to jump down the hole that is near your spawn and find countless caves to explore and scrounge for items in. It helps break up the scenery, and could lead to some potentially game changing items. If you’re playing with the Minecraft Beta, you could also find some special items to make Armor Trims so you can look fly while fighting off countless mobs.


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Verticallity will be your friend when you jump into this seed, as there are plenty of mountains and hills to climb as you make your way out of this vast jungle. That is, if you decide you want to leave, as this lush jungle houses plenty of excitement. The possibilities here are almost endless, as you encounter new forms of wildlife and do whatever possible to survive. Maybe take a dip in the waterfall if you’re feeling like it, as it could be the most refreshing thing to do while stuck in this jungle.


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A quaint village, alongside some badlands are awaiting you in this particular seed. You’ll find plenty of massive jungles, but also some other biomes that will make the experience that much more exciting for everyone playing. No matter if you’re jumping in for an SMP Server, or just plan on tackling this one on your lonesome, this could become your favorite new spot to jump into. A great spawn location makes it even more exciting than ever before.

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If you’re looking for some variety in your jungle, this is the perfect seed to join on. No matter where you look, there’s something a bit different than the area before. Plenty of sugar cane is growing in this area, as well, giving you the chance to start putting together some much needed essentials to start your survival journey on. Or, if you’re just looking to sightsee, this could be a great seed for that reason, as well.


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A vast jungle as far as the eye can see, this seed is going to be for those that don’t mind a bit of a journey to get to their destination. You’ll find that there is so much to see here, and so much to explore. Not only do you have the chance to see plenty of brush and bushes, but you can start scaling the mountains to get to unexplored areas that have plenty of secrets hiding within. Who knows, there may even be a few secrets hidden around for diligent explorers to find.


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This feels a bit more tropical than some of the others on offer, leading to a refreshing change of pace. This is going to be a great one for those that are hoping to keep things simple, as while there is still a chance to get lost, you may find that this could be one of the easier maps to navigate. Water surrounds you on both sides, so get ready to build a raft and try to escape if you can.

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This jungle seed is a great choice if you’re hoping to find some exciting jungle ruins hiding within. With the sheer amount of trees in the area, you’ll need to be diligent as you look for different types of rock formations, as well as caves to spelunk within. Treasures and adventures await you when you jump onto this seed and search out the best locations to search for goodies.


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Spawing right on the treetops, you’ll be dropped right into the action when you jump into this seed. You’ll also find another large hole to drop into, so you can begin the search for diamonds and other exciting items in this jungle biome. Not only that, but you’ll also find a variety of different lands surrounding you once again, so you can set out and see what the world has to offer you.

So many adventures await you when you ready yourself to get lost in these exciting worlds. Since Minecraft encourages creativity and using your artistic skills to their fullest, make sure you’re ready to dive back in once the newest update releases. This way, you’ll be ready for action and ready for exploration in the deepest depths of these Jungles.

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