Best Minecraft Woodland Mansion Seeds(January 2023)

Here are the best Woodland Mansion seeds in Minecraft.


Are you wondering what the best Best Minecraft Woodland Mansion Seeds in Minecraft are? They are large, full of enemies, and full of great loot. They make for great beginner bases especially if they are on prime real estate. Here are everything you need to know about the best Woodland Mansion seeds in Minecraft.

Best Minecraft Woodland Mansion Seeds

We have found Here are the eight best Woodland Mansion seeds in Minecraft.

Woodland Mansion Cove

If you’re looking for a cozy Woodland Mansion to call your home, then this is the seed for you. After claiming this Woodland Mansion that has its own cove, you’ll also be treated with a Pillager Outpost, a Village with a Stronghold beneath it, and an Ocean Monument all of which aren’t too far away.

  • Seed: 1663935988
  • Woodland Mansion: X: 264, Z: 616
  • Pillager Outpost: X: -792, Z: 504
  • Village/Stronghold: X: 824, Z: 1320
  • Ocean Monument: X: 1256, Z: 152

Mountain Woodland Mansion

Though Woodland Mansions must always spawn into Woodland areas, this seed has the tallest Woodland Mansion you’ll ever find. Because of that, finding it isn’t too easy as it is quite the sight from a distance.

  • Seed: -892884632
  • Mansion: X: 600, Z: 328
  • Ruined Portal: X: 152, Z: 40
  • Shipwreck: X: -376, Z: -328
  • Shipwreck: X: -520, Z: -120
  • Village: X: -360, Z: 216

Village Inside a Woodland Mansion

A Village inside of a Woodland Mansion is one of the rarest seeds ever, but we have it for you here. It is exactly what it says it is which means the grand and spacious Woodland Mansion will be full of Villagers and their structures.

  • Seed: 272283203700699723
  • Woodland Mansion: X: 104, Y: 80, Z: 56
  • Village #1: X: 52, Y: 80, Z: 68
  • Village #2: X: -208, Y: 70, Z: 180
  • Shipwreck: X: -136, Y: 70, Z: 520
  • Witch’s Hut: X: -360, Y: 70, Z: -200

A Tale of Two Woodland Mansions

This unique Woodland Mansion seed has two Woodland Mansions very close to one another right at spawn. If you are playing with friends, you can divide and conquer and have two houses divided or combine your powers. The options are endless.

  • Seed: -8993723640229201049
  • Woodland Mansion #1: X: -328, Y: 70, Z: 232
  • Woodland Mansion #2: X: 132, Y: 70, Z: 232
  • Village: X: -164, Y: 70, Z: 312
  • Witch’s Hut: X: 52, Y: 70, Z: 76
  • Ocean Ruins: X: 440, Y: 30, Z: 680

Desert Bay Mansion

Last but not least, we have a Woodland Mansion that is sandwiched between a Savanna and a Desert. If that wasn’t strange enough, it is sitting on a body of water. This is extremely rare for a Woodland Mansion which is already one of the rarest things in Minecraft.

  • Seed: 114056
  • Woodland Mansion: X: 632, Y:63, Z: -1282

Mansion Mountain

This woodland mansion is located at the bottom of a mountain and sits on top of an ocean. You get best of both worlds as you have both water and a forest to explore.

  • Seed: -3566425337672145770
  • Platform: Java

Jumple Temple

This woodland mansion seeds start in the Savannah biome. It also includes a jungle temple and a pillager outpost across from the village.

  • Seed: 10630
  • Platform: Bedrock

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Minecraft is available now and playable on the platforms of PlayStation 5, Xbox Series X|S, Nintendo Switch, PlayStation 4, Xbox One, PC, and mobile devices.

- This article was updated on December 10th, 2022

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