Best Minecraft Desert Seeds(August 2022)

Here are the best Desert seeds in Minecraft.

by Noah Nelson


When it comes to Deserts, you may be thinking that they are a barren wasteland. Though that can be true, the Minecraft Desert seeds on this list are teeming with life, cool structures, and interesting biome mash-ups. Here are the best Minecraft Desert seeds around.

Pillager Outpost in a Desert Ravine

First up, we have a very unique Desert seed that has a Pillager Outpost stuck in the middle of a Ravine. While this is definitely a sight to behold, there is still plenty of other exciting features to this seed. There are multiple Haunted Desert Villages, Desert Pyramids. and Diamonds to find.

  • Seed: 616843740
  • Pillager Outpost in Ravine: X: 488, Y: 69, Z: 487
  • Desert Pyramid: X: 1322, Y: 71, Z: 176
  • Desert Pyramid #2: X:362, Y: 65, Z: 560
  • Desert Pyramid #3: X: 106, Y: 65, Z: 304
  • Haunted Desert Village: X: 1398, Y: 69, Z: 131
  • Haunted Desert Village #2: X: 128, Y: 68, Z: 534
  • Diamonds in Ravine: X: 483, Y: 13, Z: 499

Many Temples Seed in the Desert

Just like the title suggests, this Desert seed in Minecraft is filled with Desert Temples to discover. If you want to play out your inner Indiana Jones, this is the perfect Minecraft seed for you.

  • Seed: 2035719640
  • 1st Desert Temple: X: 33, Y: 69, Z: 682
  • 2nd Desert Temple: X: -740, Y: 65, Z: 746
  • 3rd Desert Temple: X: -228, Y: 65, Z: 538
  • 4th Desert Temple: X: 1178, Y: 65, Z: 193
  • 5th Desert Temple: X: 1129, Y: 65, Z: 570
  • 6th Desert Temple: X: -669, Y: 69, Z: -277

Life on a Deserted Island

This special Minecraft Desert seed starts you out on a Desert island with nothing but a Village. There is no source of wood, so you will need to get crafty if you want to survive and get off of the island. This one is far from the idyllic Island escape, but it is a fun one to play deserted island on.

  • Seed: -7052038827105428607

Savanna Mountain in the Desert

This Desert seed has a massive Savanna mountain that rises from the desert floor. Though it does look cool with the water and lava emitting from it, it would look even cooler with your house at the top.

  • Seed: -676569119515363
  • Savanna Biome Mountain: X: -211, Y: 69, Z: -183
  • Pyramid: X: -342, Y: 66, Z: -434
  • Ruined Portal: X: -289, Y: 78, Z: -314
  • Desert Village: X: 340, Y: 69, Z: -379

Snow & Desert Biomes

Lastly, we have a Desert vs. Snow biome seed. You and your friends can pick a side and wage war or build elaborate bridges to make trade routes between the two continents. Either way, this Desert seed is tons of fun.

  • Seed: -1643451968
  • Snow Village: X: 183, Y: 65, Z: 241
  • Desert Village: X: -932, Y: 63, Z: 65
  • Desert Pyramid: X: -195, Y: 73, Z: -277
  • Shipwreck: X: -487, Y: 63, Z: 31

If you’re looking for more of the best Minecraft biome seeds like Island or Jungle, check out our Minecraft page for more.

Minecraft is available now and playable on the platforms of PlayStation 5, Xbox Series X|S, Nintendo Switch, PlayStation 4, Xbox One, PC, and mobile devices.

- This article was updated on July 8th, 2022

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