11 Best Mods for Ready or Not

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by J.T. Isenhour

Ready or Not can be pretty slow when adding new content to the game. This isn’t necessarily bad, since the content that gets added tends to be high quality. But it can leave players wanting more from the game. That’s where the modding scene for Ready or Not comes into play. The modding scene is so popular for the game that there is official Mod.io integration on the main menu to help you load up your game with some decent mods. let’s go over the 11 best mods for Ready or Not.

11 Best Mods for Ready or Not

11. L3 GPNVG-18 Night Vision Goggle Replacement


The regular Night Vision Goggles in Ready or Not don’t really give off the tactical feeling that a lot of players are searching for. So why not change them out for the over-the-top five-lens military-grade NVGs? While these are purely cosmetic, it is sure to make you feel cool when you see the five glowing green rings on your friends’ heads in a dark room.

You will want to make sure that you switch out the flashlight on your weapon unless you want to blind yourself while using these NVGs. It would be nice if these provided a larger field of view than the normal ones, however, that might be an update to the mod sometime in the future.

10. G36c Carry Handle


This is quite a simple mod that fixes a problem that might not be present to many people. But others have been horribly bugged by the lack of the carry handle on the G36c we have in Ready or Not at the moment. This mod simply adds the handle back onto the gun the way it was intended to be.

You don’t really think much about the lack of the carry handle and how weird it makes the gun look until you see it without one. This mod isn’t perfect, as the handle will clip into many of the sights in the game. So if you don’t like to see clipping on your models you will have to deal with the missing carrying handle for a little bit longer.

9. MP7a2 Weapon


One of the upcoming SMGs to be added to the game is the MP7 and players can’t wait for it. If you can’t wait for the full release of the weapon you can download this mod that replaces the MP9 currently in the game with an MP7a2.

The nicest part of this mod is that this is basically a new weapon as this mod not only replaces the model of the MP9 but also the stats of the weapon as well. This MP7a2 has its own caliber of ammo that it uses that gives it a custom fire rate, damage, and bullet pen. This mod will still be useful after the release of the MP7 as this is technically a different version of the MP7.

8. Sig Sauer MCX Weapon Replacer


This is quite a simple weapon replacement mod as it just replaces the GA416 in the game with an MCX model. This mod comes in a few different variants that add different attachment styles to the weapon however none of them change the stats of the GA416 in any way.

It does have a slightly different firing sound but that’s about where the changes stop. If you really wanted an MCX to be added to the game this is about as close as you are going to get to one coming out. It will still take all of the base game attachments which is nice and does seem to come with a custom suppressor model too.

7. AK-15 Weapon Replacer


While using an AK of any kind doesn’t really fit the police aesthetic of the game super well, gamers always want to use an AK given the chance. Ready or Not does have a simple AK in the game already that does get used by some police departments around the world, but it doesn’t give off the right feel of an AK-47.

That’s where the AK-15 weapon replacement mod comes in. This trades out the small SLR47 that we have access to for this much larger AK-15 that is much closer to the AK-47 we all know and love. Sadly, this does not come with a different set of stats for the gun as it is just a model replacement. All of the attachments available on the SLR47 will work on this weapon but may float or clip into the weapon a bit.

6. MP155 Ultima Weapon Replacer


Another weapon replacement mod, this one changes out the base game B1301 shotgun for the futuristic-looking MP155. This is nice as players with the supporter edition of the game have access to two B1301 shotguns and being able to change one of them out for a different look can help spice up the gameplay a bit.

Sadly this does not feature custom stats or any custom attachments, but having the thermal camera work on this weapon would be wild to see. Many of the attachments won’t be visible due to the size difference of this weapon model.

5. Black Ice Weapon Skin Collection


Since many Rainbow Six Siege players will gravitate toward Ready or Not for one reason or another, it only makes sense that the most sought-after skin in Siege made its way to the game as well. The Black Ice skin can currently be applied to the Super 90 and the GA416.

4. Swat 4 Voice Replacer


Since Ready or Not is considered to be a spiritual successor to the SWAT franchise of games, many fans will want to make the game resemble their treasured classic as much as possible. One of the main ways to bring that SWAT 4 feel into Ready or Not is by replacing many of the voice lines used in the game with the original SWAT 4 lines.

They don’t feel too out of place since both games feature a similar playstyle and many of the command lines used sync up perfectly with the commands you are able to give. While it may not be a perfect fit for every line it does the job of making the game feel like an overhaul of SWAT 4.

3. SWAT 4 Map Pack


Another way to help make Ready or Not feel like a well-made remake of the original SWAT 4 is by adding in the original maps for SWAT 4 into Ready or Not. There is a very well-made map pack under the tagline of SWAT4 or Not which brings five classic SWAT 4 maps into Ready or Not.

Each of these maps are made to work with Ready or Not and features the original upscaled textures from SWAT 4. They also have full AI pathing so the AI will not be a broken mess on these maps as well as selectable spawn points for players to choose from. You can combine any of these maps with the AI config mod made by the same developer to make sure that the right suspect counts are on each map.

2. DE_Nuke


This map offers the ultimate site retake experience as you have to slowly clear out all of the familiar corners of the classic Nuke map from Counter-Strike. This is a one-to-one recreation of the map in Ready or Not so everything will line up perfectly as you remember it.

While your smoke lineups won’t work as well in Ready or Not, it is quite funny to play Nuke in an entirely different game. The ladder up to heaven is an experimental feature but does seem to work most of the time. Just be prepared as it seems the T side has brought a few extra players this time around.

1. Lustful Remorse Map


This is one of the most detailed custom maps to be uploaded to Ready or Not so far. It isn’t the largest map you can find out there but the amount of worldbuilding around this map is insane. It features a custom loading screen giving you a rundown of your objectives as well as a full youtube video briefing to fill you in on everything you know before going into the mission.

The mod page also features a plethora of details and briefings for you to look over if you don’t feel like watching the video for the map. It truly does make you feel like a Swat team member getting ready to go into a hostile situation.

The modding scene for Ready or Not is quite new and modders are still getting used to the modding tools that are available to them. As more updates are added to the game and modders get more features to play around with the quality of mods will be sure to increase so make sure to keep your eyes on the Mod.io page for Ready or Not often. We will keep this list updated as more mods are released.

Ready or Not is available in Early Access on Steam right now.

- This article was updated on January 25th, 2023

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