Best Perks to Use in Rumbleverse

What are the best perks in Rumbleverse?

by Noah Nelson


Rumbleverse, the newest open-world battle royale from Iron Galaxy and Epic Games, is here, and using the best perks is the surefire way to the top. There are 15 perks in total in Rumbleverse and they are acquired at random throughout each match. All of the perks are passive bonuses that will help you win games. Though you never get to pick the perks you get in Rumbleverse, here are the best perks to look out for.

Best Perks in Rumbleverse

Since there are 15 perks in Rumbleverse so far and they are given randomly, it can be hard to know which perks are the best. Luckily, you have us. Here are the best perks in Rumbleverse:

5. Rabbit Foot

In last place, but still considered one of the best perks in Rumbleverse, is Rabbit Foot. This perk makes your long jumps cost 40% less stamina. Since long jumps are your primary way to traverse the map, escape fights, and enter fights, having the Rabbit Foot perk is definitely useful.

4. Temper

A great perk to have in Rumbleverse is Temper. The Temper perk grants a temporary 20% boost to damage dealt after taking damage. Having the Temper perk will allow you to deal more damage in fights since you are bound to take a hit or two from the enemy. You’ll get more Eliminations with this perk which gets you one step closer to taking the cake.


3. Runner

For the third-best perk in Rumbleverse, we have Runner. This perk makes dashing cost 40% less stamina. Runner is an incredible perk to have since you will be using your dash to avoid fights, close the game between you and your opponents, and get around the map.

2. Satisfaction

In second place, we have Satisfaction. Satisfaction allows you to energize and heal yourself after scoring an Elimination. This perk is vital because fighting opponents will leave you wounded and in need of energy. After eliminating a foe, you can jump right back into battle with the Satisfaction perk.

1. Meditative

Easily, the best perk in Rumbleverse is Meditative. The Meditative perk allows you to slowly regenerate your health if you stand still. This is an extremely good skill to have as you don’t need to waste your heals and there are plenty of moments in Rumbleverse for you to find a quiet, safe place to heal. Sticking to rooftops is the best place to use the Meditative passive perk.

How to Unlock Perks in Rumbleverse

Now that you know which perks are the best, you’ll want to know how to get perks in Rumbleverse. As mentioned previously, perks are match specific, don’t carry over, and need to be unlocked. The only way to unlock perks in Rumbleverse is by dealing damage to your opponents.

As you deal damage, you’ll fill up a meter on the bottom right of your screen that, once full, will reward you with a random perk. Simply look for the best place to drop, defeat your enemies, and you’ll unlock the best perks in no time.

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Rumbleverse is available now on PlayStation 5 and 4, Xbox Series X|S, Xbox One, and PC.

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