Best Pocket Mortys: Ranked Tier List

Find out the best Morty to get in Pocket Mortys!

by Shaun Cichacki , Thomas Cunliffe
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For Rick and Morty fans, Pocket Mortys could be the perfect title to have on their mobile device. Playing much like a Pokemon title, players will need to make their way around the inventive world that has been created, all while capturing plenty of unique Mortys to battle against one another.

But are there certain Mortys that will be able to do more damage than others, or are all of them created equally? There is only one way to find out, and that’s by diving into the world that all of these Mortys reside in and finding out which are the best of the best through a Ranked Tier List!

All Pocket Mortys Ranked – Which Morty Is Best?

As with any Tier List, they are subject to a bit of personal opinion, as well as a fair bit of research and playtime to make sure that no bias is being used. However, this list is our opinion and can have a bit of wiggle room as players continue to make their way through this adventure.

D-Tier Mortys in Pocket Mortys

These are going to be the worst Mortys that you can have in your playtime, so don’t even bother trying to capture them if you’re hoping not to have to deal with the weakest of the weak. Their power levels aren’t high enough to cause damage in the late game and are hardly even useful at all.

Rock MortysPaper MortysScissors Mortys
Armomaly MortyAd Space MortyCabin Boy Morty
Boot Camp MortyBirdosaur MortyDog Bite Morty
Detective MortyBlob MortyGood Time Morty
Egg MortyBlue Shirt MortyCucumber Morty
Flannel MortehChristmas Sweater MortyInfected Morty
Magic MortyDenim Shorts MortyNew Blood Morty
Moon MortyGoomby MortyPizza Morty
Parade MortyHopeless Romantic MortyPlumbus Slave Morty
Prisoner MortyJerry MortyPossessed Morty
Rookie MortyFroopy Shloop MortyExo-Alpha Morty
Scruffy MortyNo Eye MortyMullet Morty
Self-Defense MortyMorty of the ValleyRabbit Morty
Skin Suit MortyPoorhouse MortyMustache Morty
Spoon MortySeedling MortyShadow Morty
Stoned MortyOld MortySingle Snoozle Morty
Stool MortyOrange MortySlime Morty
Survivor MortyPeace MortyTelepathic Morty
Swimmer MortyRed Shirt MortyReptile Morty
Tired MortySquid Face MortyV Neck Morty
Unicorn Chaser MortyRonin MortySausage Morty
Unkempt MortySpooky MortyStray Cat Morty
Strawberry Morty
Struggling Artist Morty
Summer Morty
Test X1 Morty
Wonder Morty

C-Tier Mortys in Pocket Mortys

These may give players a chance to have a few victories, but these characters are more sacrificial than anything. They may give players a decent chance of getting a few good moves in, but sooner than later, swap these Mortys out for something else.

Rock MortysPaper MortysScissors Mortys
Big Head MortyBanana MortyAtlantis Morty
Buff MortyBeth MortyBeard Morty
Dangerous MortyBrake Fluid MortyChops Morty
Felon MortyCharred MortyCount Morty
Flu MortyChimney Sweep MortyCult of Morty Morty
Giant Head MortyCold MortyDiamond Eyes Morty
Greaser MortyDouble Denim MortyDouble Snoozle Morty
Hardboiled MortyEnsign MortyEaster Egg Morty
Karate MortyFroopy Bloop MortyExo-Omega Morty
Love Heart MortyGeriatric MortyIngested Morty
Mermaid MortyGhostly MortyMushroom Pizza Morty
Motion Capture MortyHigh Intern MortyNo Skin Morty
Mutagen MortyHippie MortyParasitic Morty
Mystic MortyHot MortyPastry Chef Morty
Petrified MortyJelly MortyPickle Morty
Pre Atlantis MortyJerry’s Game MortyPlumbus Worker Morty
Pride MortyLawyer MortyRaptor Morty
S.O.S. MortyMaple Leaf MortehS.O.S. Morty
Shell Shocked MortyMighty MortyShrimp Morty
Shrimp MortyMortydrangeaStreet Loco Morty
Sleepy MortyOff The Grid MortySwashbuckle Morty
Sun MortyOne Eye MortyTelekinetic Morty
Survivalist MortyOrange Shirt MortyTickets Please Morty
Unicorn MortyPhantom MortyTwo Cat Morty
Vermigurber MortyPurge MortyVermigurber Morty
Wooden Chair MortyRick MortyWooden Chair Morty
Roller Disco Morty
Samurai Morty
Super Morty Fan Morty
Super Rick Fan Morty
Test X46 Morty
Volcan Morty

B-Tier Mortys in Pocket Mortys

These are going to be some of the best Mortys around, but there are still some that will offer more power than you could ever imagine. While these Mortys should be captured, be prepared to swap them out in the future for even more powerful Mortys.

Rock MortysPaper MortysScissors Mortys
Android MortyAncient MortyBoulder Morty
Arm Chair MortyBox MortyButterfly Morty
Atlantis MortyCar MortyCocoon Morty
Badass Suit MortyCowboy MortyCop Morty
Biker MortyCup MortyCowboy Dancer Morty
Boulder MortyElf MortyCrazy Cat Morty
Carcinogenic MortyFan Dancer MortyCyclops Morty
Chick MortyFlaming MortyEnforcer Loco Morty
Colossal Head MortyFlower MortyEvil Rabbit Morty
Concerto MortyFroopy Moop MortyExo-Prime Morty
Dethklok Fan MortyFrozen MortyFederation Prisoner Morty
Dethklok MortyGiant Arm MortyFestival Morty
Detox MortyGlorzo Disguise MortyFork Morty
Easter Egg MortyGoo MortyGirl Morty
Exoskeleton MortyGreen Shirt MortyGrand Sage Morty
Fawn MortyHawaiian MortyGunk Morty
Federation Prisoner MortyHeadism MortyHobo Morty
Festival MortyJerry Fan MortyHockey Stick Morteh
Fork MortyJudge MortyHost Morty
Hobo MortyKissing Cats MortyIce Cream Morty
Lil’ Bits MortyLieutenant MortyMulti Morty
Miami MortyMaple Syrup MortehMutagen Morty
Mindblower MortyMaster MortyNargles Morty
Mini MortyMega MortyOld One Morty
MortyBotMonster MortyPickled Morty
Mutant Flu MortyMountain Sweater MortyPlumbus Master Morty
No Mercy MortyMytholog MortyPsychokinetic Morty
Plumbonia MortyNerd MortyRobot Chicken Morty
Post Atlantis MortyOcto MortyRobot Morty
Pumpkin MortyPaper MortyScaly Morty
Punk MortyPilgrim MortyScary Morty
Rainbow Suit MortyPlumbus Prawn MortyScissors Morty
Renegade MortyPocket Mortys MortySexy Devil Morty
Reverse Mermaid MortyPrancer MortySkeleton Morty
Rock MortyPurge Suit MortySnake Morty
Snuffles MortyPurple Shirt MortySpliced Morty
Spork MortyRainbow Shirt MortySurgeon Morty
Super Unicorn MortyRoller Derby MortyTurkey Morty
Tanggu Drummer MortySanta MortyUnicorn Morty
Trunk MortySeason 3 MortyVentriloquiver Morty
Turbulent Juice MortySherlock MortyVindicator Morty
Violent MortyShogun MortyWasp Morty
VR MortySpace Trooper MortyWendy Morty
War Paint MortySunday Best Morty
Wild Man MortyTest X72 Morty
Wizard MortyThe Dark Morty
Wrestler MortyTriple Denim Morty

A-Tier Mortys in Pocket Mortys

As some of the most powerful Mortys, these A-Tier Mortys can give players a true taste of power when it comes to these creative creatures. Alongside plenty of unique styles, these Mortys will give players the chance to excel, no matter where they are in the game. However, there are still some that are even more powerful than expected.

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Rock MortysPaper MortysScissors Mortys
Biker MortyBox MortyButterfly Morty
Exoskeleton MortyCar MortyCop Morty
Mini MortyCowboy MortyCowboy Dancer Morty
Mutant Flu MortyCup MortyCyclops Morty
Punk MortyFlaming MortyGrand Sage Morty
Renegade MortyFrozen MortyIce Cream Morty
Reverse Mermaid MortyGiant Arm MortyNargles Morty
Soccer Ball MortyHawaiian MortyPsychokinetic Morty
St Patrick MortyHeadism MortyResurrected Morty
The One True MortyRick’s Pet Morty
Trover MortyRobot Chicken Morty
Turbulent Juice MortySEAL Morty
Wizard MortySnowman Morty
Yankee Doodle MortyThe Pale Morty
Wasteland Morty

S-Tier Mortys in Pocket Mortys

The best of the best, and overall the most powerful and unique Mortys available in the game. No matter who you ask, these characters are currently considered the meta and easily the crowed jewels that the game has to offer.

Rock MortysPaper MortysScissors Mortys
Bartender MortyAmoeba MortyAce Pilot Morty
Campaign Manager MortyAnts in my Eyes MortyBall Drop Morty
Christmas Present MortyMascot MortyBeth’s Pet Morty
Dragon MortyBig Tongue MortyChristmas Future Morty
Dragon Rider MortyChristmas Past MortyFroopy Land Morty
Drone MortyForbidden MortyGangster Cob Morty
Friendly MortyFunny MortyGuard Morty
Hammerhead MortyGood Boy MortyHobo Santa Morty
Headless MortyGrinder MortyHunter Morty
Hockey MortehLeft Handed MortyKrampus Morty
Loo Roll MortySlick MortyLasagna Morty
Mortox MortySpecs MortyMortaion Morty
Morty Jr.Washington MortyNew Year’s Morty
Pancake MortyWild Mascot MortyPoorly Cloned Morty
Gotron MortyCubism MortySeason 4 Morty

Now that you have this list of all of the greatest Mortys at your fingertips, get back into the game and start trying to catch them all! Striving for the S-Tier is a huge part of this game, so make sure that you’re searching far and wide to get any Morty possible!

What is the Best Morty Team in Pocket Mortys?

Image: [adult swim]

The best team in Pocket Mortys consists of Gotron Morty (Scissors), Cubism Morty (Paper), and Season 4 Morty (Rock). These three are consistently hailed as the best Mortys for each of their respective types by the community.

With these Mortys’ stats and moves expect to see Gotron, Cubism, and Season 4 Morty a lot during PvP. If you can’t manage to get your hands on Gotron Morty, Dragon Rider Morty is an excellent replacement. While meta characters will net you the most wins, don’t forget to play around and have fun with your favorites. There are far too many Mortys to stick to just three!

This guide was written while playing Pocket Mortys on mobile.

- This article was updated on October 3rd, 2023

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