Best Project Mugetsu Clans, Ranked From Worst to Best

by Matthew Kevin Mitchell
Image: Attack of the Fanboy

Are you wondering what the best Project Mugetsu clans are, ranked from worst to best? There are X clans in Project Mugetsu, but not all are made equally. Therefore, we have provided you with the only Clan Tier List for Project Mugetsu you will ever need and how to earn additional spins to get the clan you want.

Project Mugetsu Clan Tier List

Using a grade tiered system, we have broken down every clan based on their rarity and the buffs and perks they provide you from the worst to the best.

Clan TierClan NameClan Rarity
F TierAny Clan of Common RarityCommon
D TierGinjoUncommon
D TierInoueUncommon
D TierKutsuzawaUncommon
D TierKotesuUncommon
D TierMugurumaUncommon
D TierSadoUncommon
D TierShishigawaraUncommon
D TierTsukishimaUncommon
D TierYadomaruUncommon
D TierYukioUncommon
C TierAmagiLegendary
C TierDokugamineUncommon
C TierHirakoLegendary
C TierIbaRare
C TierKiraRare
C TierSarugakiRare
C TierUshodaRare
C TierValkyrieRare
B TierShihoinRare
B TierHitsugayaLegendary
B TierHisagaLegendary
A TierIchimaruLegendary
A TierKyorakuMythic
A TierUnohanaRare
A TierUryuMythic
A TierYomamotoMythic
S TierKuchikiMythic
S TierKurosakiWar Power
S TierUraharaWar Power

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How to Roll for Clans in Project Mugetsu

Image: Attack of the Fanboy

Each clan is classified by its rarity, and your chances of getting a higher clan are lower based on the most potent rarity. Here are your chances of getting a specific clan rarity in Project Mugetsu:

  • War Powers: 0.1% chance
  • Mythic: 1% chance
  • Legendary: 5% chance
  • Rare: 11% chance
  • Uncommon: 22% chance
  • Common: 60% chance

Your clan will provide different buffs and perks based on their rarity level. You can find what buffs and perks your clan gives you by navigating to the Menu by pressing the M key.

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If you aren’t happy with a specific clan, you can respin your clan in the Character Creation screen. To make sure you get the clan of your choice, you can use the following in-game codes to earn more spins:

  • 35KLIKES: 50 Spins
  • RELEASE: 15 Spins

If you still don’t like the clan you rolled you can purchase additional spins for Robux.

- This article was updated on April 11th, 2023

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