Best Reverse 1999 Blonney Build | Best Psychubes and Team Composition

Check out how to turn Blonney into a top-tier DPS in Reverse: 1999!

by Franklin Bellone Borges
Image: Bluepoch, assembled by Attack of the Fanboy

Blonney can be considered one of the best 5-star DPSs in Reverse 1999, thanks to her ability to score frequent and massively damaging Critical Hits — especially after performing Bloody Movie (her Ultimate).

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But for you to truly showcase her potential, equipping her with the right Psychube and making use of the right teammates is a must. Here’s the best Blonney build in Reverse: 1999.

The Best Psychubes for Blonney in Reverse 1999

The best Psychube for Blonney in Reverse 1999 is Thunderous Applause. The 6-Star is my main pick as it will perfectly fit her CRIT-oriented set by increasing her Critical Rate by 16% (at level 60) and allowing her to deal 16%+ Critical DMG after scoring Crits with her normal attacks (Bunnie Boiler and Chainsaw Massacre) at Amplification level 1.

Image: Attack of the Fanboy

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As Blonney’s Insight I and III passives will allow her to get a 30% boost in both Critical DMG and Rate for 2 rounds after performing her Ultimate, using Brave New World can also work great. Brave New World will both increase her Ultimate Might by 20% (at level 60) and enhance the Incantation Might of any attack she performs following her Ultimate by 20% (Amplification level 1).

The Best 5-Star Psychubes for Blonney

The best 5-Star Psychube for Blonney in Reverse 1999 is An Afternoon Nap. The Psychube is my main pick as it will offer pretty much the same effect as Thunderous Applause, although with a significantly lower output.

An Afternoon Nap will increase Blonney’s Critical Rate by 7% (at level 60) and allow her to gain a 3% increase in Critical DMG after performing Crits with single target attacks. Up to 4 stacks can be gained while at Amplification level 1.

Image: Attack of the Fanboy

Using Tomorrow Also can also work well given its 20% Critical DMG increase (at level 60) and 10% increase in Ultimate CRIT Rate (at Amplification level 1).

Reverse: 1999 Best Blonney Team Compositions

As a Critical DPS capable of getting a huge boost in both Rate and DMG on her own through her skills and Insight passives, the best Blonney team composition in Reverse 1999 features her as its DPS, Tooth Fairy as its healer, and either Pickles, An-an Lee or Bkornblume as its dedicated support.

This is the best team for Blonney as she and Tooth Fairy will allow you to keep enemies in a constant state of Confusion, while also having in the latter’s Baby Teeth mechanic the ability to decrease their Crit Resistance and Defense by an extra 15% (this team will allow you to stack Confusion and Baby Teeth for a 45% decrease in Critical Resistance).

In the supporting role, An-an Lee and Pickles will be able to massively increase the team’s damage through their buffs and solid damage. If you decide to go with Bkornblume — who I consider to be the best debuffer in the game — her debuffs and multi-hit Ultimate will both boost your damage and make full use of the CRIT decrease offered by Tooth Fairy and Confusion.

The Best F2P Team Compositions for Blooney

Although no healer in the game will be able to work with her nearly as well as Tooth Fairy, the best F2P team for Blonney in Reverse 1999 features her as its main DPS, either Matilda or Sonetto as a CRIT support or buffer respectively, and either Sa Source or Dikke as healers.

When using any kind of Bonney-focused team, I recommend the use of either another healer (if not using Tooth Fairy) or a secondary DPS/support in the fourth team member slot.

This build guide was made while playing Reverse: 1999 on PC.

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