Best Salvage Yard Locations and Upgrades in GTA Online

Kick off the Chop Top update in style with a tricked out Salvage Yard.

by Diego Perez
Image: Rockstar Games

Salvage Yards are an all-new business in GTA Online added with the Chop Shop update. You can boost cars and break them down for parts once you’ve bought one, making them perfect sources of passive income.

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As always, there are multiple properties to choose from if you’re shopping for a Salvage Yard. The cheapest ones are all the way at the northern edge of the map in Sandy Shores, but is it really worth saving a buck if you have to go so far out of your way to do business? If you’re looking to buy a Salvage Yard in GTA Online, these are the best ones to pick.

Best GTA Online Salvage Yard Location

Image: Rockstar Games

Since you’ll be visiting your Salvage Yard quite often to deliver cars and prepare for missions, you should ignore the two properties for sale on the northern side of the map even though they’re the cheapest. Trust me, it’s worth saving up so you don’t have to leave Los Santos for work.

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The absolute best Salvage Yard to buy is the one in Strawberry. It’s dead-center in the middle of the city, granting you easy access to mission objectives and reducing the amount of time you’ll spend driving during Chop Shop content. The property in Murrieta Heights is another great choice, but at only $100,000 cheaper than the Strawberry property, you won’t be saving that much money in the long run.

Under no circumstances should you purchase the Salvage Yard in La Puerta. It’s located right on top of a potential Gang Attack spawn, so you have a chance of being ambushed by enemies whenever you visit. Even if you try to ignore them, your Salvage Yard will be inaccessible while the Gang Attack is active. Though it’s the most expensive Salvage Yard, it’s not anywhere close to being the best.

Which Upgrades Should You Buy for the Salvage Yard?

Image: Rockstar Games

If you have cash to burn, there are multiple upgrades you can buy for your Salvage Yard. For $75,000, you can add a colored tint to the building’s interior. The other upgrades are much more expensive, but they have tangible gameplay benefits.

Trade Rates

Trade Rates stand head and shoulders above the rest of the upgrades as the definitive best. Priced at $450,000, if you’re going to get any upgrade for your Salvage Yard, it should be this one. After purchasing it, you’ll receive a permanent discount on all Mors Mutual insurance claims and Los Santos Customs vehicle repairs. Car repair costs and insurance prices add up fast in GTA Online, so a discount in exchange for a one-time purchase is worth it.

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Tow Truck

Priced at $650,000 for a beater and $1,100,000 for a pristine new one, the tow truck adds an additional revenue stream to your Salvage Yard. If you buy it, you can take on Tow Truck Service jobs where you tow designated vehicles back to your Salvage Yard so you can strip them for parts and earn passive income faster. It’s a nice boost to your Salvage Yard’s productivity despite its hefty price tag.

Wall Safe

The Wall Safe is an easily skippable upgrade, especially for $750,000. It lets you store $250,000 in cash in your Salvage Yard. That’s it. It’s a nice flex if you already have millions in your bank account, but frugal players should skip this and focus on other Salvage Yard upgrades.


Hiring Staff for your Salvage Yard will set you back $625,000. Staff will speed up the money-making process and bring you profits faster than the standard rate. This is one of the cheaper upgrades for your Salvage Yard and it’ll make you a ton of money in the long run. You should buy it.

- This article was updated on December 13th, 2023

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