How to Start a Heist in GTA Online (2023)

All you need to know about Heists.

by Tom Cunliffe
GTA Online Heists
Image: Rockstar Games

If you’ve played GTA V‘s campaign, you’ll have likely participated in a Heist with Lester and the gang. In GTA Online, you’ll be recruiting real players for some truly epic stickups, such as Diamond Casino and Cayo Perico Heist.

Not only are these extremely fun, but you’ll be able to make serious money, with your payout increasing the more extravagant and complex the Heist is. This guide covers everything you need to know to begin your own Heist in GTA Online, including requirements and how to recruit your friends. Think of us as your own personal Lester.

How to Start a Heist in GTA V Online

Image: Rockstar Games

GTA Online Heist Requirements

Below are the requirements to start a Heist in GTA Online. If you don’t meet the criteria, you can still join your friends or other players hosting their own.

  • You must be Rank 12 or higher to begin a Heist.
  • You need a high-end apartment with a planning room.
  • The Fleeca Job‘ tutorial Heist provided by Lester must be completed.
  • You’ll need enough cash to fund your selected GTA Online Heist.

To start a Heist in GTA Online, visit the planning room in your high-end apartment. If you’ve yet to purchase one, Apartment 7 in Del Perro Heights is the cheapest in the game at $200,000.

In your setup room, select the Heist you want to partake in. As the Heist leader, you’ll need to select and purchase personnel and equipment. If you friends don’t agree with you having such a large cut, just remind them how much you forked out for them.

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How to Invite Friends to Heists in GTA Online

You can invite players to your Heist by simply adding them to your current session. Select Options, Friend List, choose the friend you want to invite and then select Send Game Invite. You can also invite your friends through Xbox Live or PlayStation Network.

Benefits of Hosting GTA Online Heists

As a Heist Leader, you’ll earn more RP than other members of your Heist. You can also assign yourself a more significant cut of the final payout for your hard work, which can more than make up for the cost of hosting.

Whether you’re trying to earn more money to fund your obsession with GTA Supercars or want to hire yourself some bodyguards, Heists are an incredibly fun way to earn some dough.

- This article was updated on March 14th, 2023