Best Ships in Azur Lane, Ranked Tier List

Make your fleet a powerful force with these ships

by Christian Bognar

Azur Lane features 608 obtainable ships, making it tough to decide which is best for your fleet. We have compiled all the best ships considered Ultra Rare in the game and ranked them on a tier list, making your decision a little less challenging. These ships are the best of the best, and although you can’t go wrong choosing any of them, you will want to lean more towards the higher letters such as S and A. Keep reading to find out what ships fall under each tier and a description of what each tier represents.

Ranking the Best Ships in Azur Lane

Even though ships that aren’t considered Ultra Rare can still be a good choice, ultimately, these are the ones you will want to get your hands on for the end game. We will start at the S tier and make our way down to the C tier, considering no ships fall into any level under that letter. Take note of the type of the ship, as each plays an essential role in your fleet.

S Tier

  • New Jersey – Battleship
  • Musashi – Battleship
  • Vanguard – Battleship
  • Shinano – Aircraft Carrier
  • Hakuryuu – Aircraft Carrier
  • Agir – Large Cruiser
  • Shimakaze – Destroyer
  • Plymouth – Light Cruiser
  • Ulrich Von Hutten – Battleship
  • Freidrich Der Grobe – Battleship

You can choose any of these ships, as they are all powerful forces that will bring your fleet to the top. Using the right resources as you progress can make these even more substantial as you apply them for upgrades.

A Tier

  • Azuma – Large Cruiser
  • Yuudachi – Destroyer
  • Kronshtadt – Large Cruiser
  • Brest – Large Cruiser

Ships that fall under the A tier are excellent choices, and players can even argue that they could fit into a higher slot. With the right resources, they can be pushed up to S, but the default has a shortcoming that prevents it from being higher.

B Tier

  • Drake – Heavy Cruiser
  • San Diego (Retrofit) – Light Cruiser

These ships are solid choices but don’t have the longevity that others have higher on this list. Eventually, you will want to swap these out once you get your hands on the better ones listed due to some noticeable problems.

C Tier

  • Warspite (Retrofit) – Battleship

Only one is on this list, which isn’t a terrible choice. Considering it is an Ultra Rare ship, it is worth adding to your fleet especially considering it’s a battleship. The reason Warspite is in the C tier is due to the lack of power and force it entails.

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Azur Lane is available now for Android and iOS devices.

- This article was updated on December 30th, 2022

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