Best Spore Warden Build in Tiny Tina’s Wonderlands: Skills, Attributes, and More

For those who want a more gun-centric playstyle.

by Elliott Gatica


The Spore Warden is the most gun-focused class in Tiny Tina’s Wonderlands. For those who have played classes in previous Borderlands games like the Gunzerker from 2 or the Beastmaster from 3, this is the one just for you. Here, we’ll go over the best build so far that you can use for the Spore Warden in Tiny Tina’s Wonderlands as well as ways to play it.

Best Spore Warden Build in Tiny Tina’s Wonderlands

If you chose this class as your base, follow this skill tree path to maximize damage against your foes:

  • Bounty of the Hunt (5)
  • Eagle Eye (5)
  • Affinity (1)
  • Spore Cloud (1)
  • Bullseye (5)
  • Quiver of Holding (3)
  • Medicinal Mushroom (1)
  • Wrath of Nature (3)
  • Headhunter (1)
  • Play the Angles (1)

Right now, there are 26 points put into the tree so you can hit the capstone skill. However, if you want to spec into another tree for multiclassing, you should pair the Spore Warden with either the Stabbomancer or Spellshot.

If you followed the build path above, spec into these skills for Spellshot:

  • Spell Sniper (5)
  • Magic Bullets (3)
  • Font of Mana (5)
  • Mage Armor (1)
  • Just Warming Up (1)
  • High Thread Count (1)
  • War Caster (2)

If you have this setup, use the Spore Warden’s Barrage ability. It can carry three charges and scales off ability and gun damage. It can be used as a primer to soften up enemies thanks to the Wraith of Nature skill. I also suggest equipping a spell with fast cooldowns. You can basically spam spells and your arrows and deliver a bullet hell right at your enemies. It’s a fun and deadly combo that can be used at any range.

If you use the Stabbomancer and used the skill tree from the Spore Warden above, use this skill tree setup:

  • Arsenal (5)
  • Potent Poisons (2)
  • Swift Death (5)
  • Exploit Their Weakness (3)
  • Sneak Attack (3)

This build allows the Fatemaker to deal more damage while strafing. It also allows for more gunplay with some focus on spells and abilities.

In terms of Hero Stats to spec for this setup prioritize the points for the class mixes as follows:

  • Spore Warden + Spellshot
    • Dexterity
    • Intelligence
    • Attunement
  • Spore Warden + Stabbomancer
    • Dexterity
    • Strength

Tiny Tina’s Wonderlands is out now for PlayStation 4 and 5, Xbox One and Series S/X, and PC via Epic Games.

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