Best Steam Deck Skins

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by Alex Huebner

While Valve’s Steam Deck is a really cool console in concept, there isn’t much visual appeal to the handheld device. But you can change that with the amazing Steam Deck skins that have come out since its release. While you will want to be careful applying the skins, they are a great way to add personality and color. Wrap quality is very important to look for, you will want something using 3M vinyl for ease of application and removal and it’s worth noting that over time you may see some wear in areas that have frequent contact with your hands. But if you’re wanting to give your Steam Deck that pop, these are the ones we recommend.

dbrand Steam Deck Skins

Image: dbrand

At the top of our recommendation list is dbrand. Their skins are thin, created with precision, and they even have customizable designs if you don’t love the premade ones. The dbrand website has more than 30 designs to choose from and offers a video tutorial on the application so you can see what you’ll need to do before you purchase and have a visual to follow once you are ready to apply. Not only will players have different colors to choose from, but also different textures and all of them are very thin so you won’t feel the difference holding your Steam Deck with a skin.

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XtremeSkins Steam Deck Skins

Image: XtremeSkins

Another great option for a high-quality Steam Deck skin is XtremeSkins. In addition to a glue that doesn’t leave residue, these skins are also made with air-release channels on the vinyl that allow air through to prevent bubbling on application. When you’re creating your skin combo, you even have the option to add on an edge to edge glass screen protector. 

There is a great variety of textures, colors, and finishes available and you can make everything mix and match if you want to. XtremeSkins even gives you the option to have a cutout for the logo on the back or have it covered. This is also a great option for anyone who may not be ready to pay for the entire skin, but would like to get it put together piece by piece, as you can leave certain parts of the Steam Deck skin unselected. The company is based in the UK but ships worldwide.

EasySkinz Steam Deck Skins

Image: EasySkinz

This awarded company has many unique designs available beyond simple textures and colors. If you’re looking for something a little more complex but still of great quality, EasySkinz may be the option for you. From chameleon skins, to designs featuring cyber art, skulls, paint, and more, there are many options that all leave the back of the handrest uncovered to protect the integrity, as this is where the skin would see the most contact.

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DecalGirl Steam Deck Skins

Image: DecalGirl

At DecalGirl, many artists can submit designs that are then created on a lightweight, thin, 3M vinyl by DecalGirl. There are more than 1,000 designs for Steam Deck skins alone. You can also use the site to create your own design if you have something specific in mind or want some personalization. This site is a great option to support artists as DecalGirl will highlight artists on their Art page and artists get 10% royalty on all their sales. 

Sakura Skins Steam Deck Skins

Image: Sakura Skins

If you’d like to support a small business, Sakura Skins is an Etsy store that also uses 3M air-release vinyl that is graded for 10 years of use. The skins on this page feature some cottage core design, pastel, full color, pixel, floral, and a range of other skins.

- This article was updated on April 4th, 2023

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