Best Takeovers in NBA 2K23

Dominate the competition with these takeovers

by Caleb Stultz


Takeovers are the special abilities associated with your MyCareer player in NBA 2K23. They give you an extra boost that boosts your abilities in-game and allows you to control the pace and “take over” the court when in the middle of an NBA game. You can have up to two active takeovers in NBA 2K23, which means you must choose the best takeovers carefully for your player. Here are the best takeovers in NBA 2K23.

Takeovers to Dominate NBA 2K23

The takeovers that stand out the most in NBA 2K23 include Spot Up Shooter, Lockdown Defender, Glass Cleaner, and Post Scorer. These are the S-Tier Takeovers that will take your game to the next level in NBA 2K23. Let’s break those down.

Spot Up Shooter

Spot Up Shooter gives you an increased ability to make shots, the most important aspect of the game. Mixed with a great shot that you have created using our best green releases, you will hardly ever miss with this takeover ability.

Lockdown Defender

This is one of the most essential abilities for two-way players to have. Dominating on both ends of the floor is important to becoming the GOAT. Since every possession requires you to play defense, this activated takeover will always be in use on the defensive end.

Glass Cleaner

This ability allows you to read missed shots before they happen and boosts your ability to rebound. If you are a big man in the post, you will definitely want this in your arsenal of takeovers in NBA 2K23. Securing boards and pushing the pace up the court is a necessary part of the game and one you may not be able to live without.

Post Scorer

Another big man essential, Post Scorer makes a huge difference when trying to push past defenders in the post. This gives you more space to work with when you shoot in the post, something every big man dreams of. When this takeover is activated, take advantage and post up on every offensive possession in the game.

NBA 2K23 is available now for PlayStation 4, PlayStation 5, Xbox Series X/S, Xbox One, Nintendo Switch, and PCs.

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