Best Team Compositions in Demeo

Team up and take 'em down.

by Noah Nelson

Though you can play Demeo with one character, each adventure is created with up to four players in mind. There are up to four players per party which means that the characters you choose should balance each other out and cover every base. While all of the characters in Demeo are good here are the best team compositions in the game.

What are the Best Characters to Team Together in Demeo?

Much like other team-based games like Overwatch 2, having the right characters on your team can make or break your run. There are currently seven Champions to choose from which means there are 49 potential team possibilities.

What makes Demeo immediately fun is that all the adventures and all of the Champions are immediately available to you after you play the tutorial. With that said, it can be intimidating knowing what the best team is. While different adventures may call for different tactics, by and large, this Demeo team composition is the most successful:

  • Guardian
  • Assassin / Barbarian
  • Hunter
  • Sorcerer

Whatever team you decide to make, the Guardian is the Champion with the most health and it has armor that can replenish. The Guardian is the Tank, and it also has many useful attacks. Next, you’ll want either the Assassin or the Barbarian as both of them deal a lot of damage. Whoever you pick will be your main damage dealer.

You need at least one ranged character to trigger traps and snipe enemies from a distance. By far, the best ranged character is the Hunter. Lastly, you’ll want someone to take care of crowds. The Sorcerer is a glass cannon but their ability to wipe out multiple enemies is unmatched.

If you really want to play with the Warlock because you like them, switch the Sorcerer out and the Warlock in. They are both ranged control Champions in different ways. If you really want to play with the Bard, who is still a great character, we recommend swapping them in the fourth slot which means you wouldn’t have a Sorcerer or a Warlock.

Whether you are playing with a friend on a different platform or are playing by yourself but want to control all four Champions, with these team compositions, you’ll be set up for success.

Demeo is available now on Oculus Quest and PC and will be available on PlayStation 5 and PSVR 2 on February 21, 2023.

- This article was updated on January 12th, 2023