Best Teams for Great League in Pokemon GO (Season 11)

Find out the best Pokemon to bring into the Great League in Pokemon GO!

by Shaun Cichacki


If you’re looking to showcase the power that your Pokemon possess in Pokemon GO, you may want to take some time to get involved in the Pokemon GO Battle League. You’ll be able to face off against other trainers with similarly powerful Pokemon, and see who is the readiest for battle.

However, if you’re new to battle in Pokemon GO, or want to discover more about the current meta that exists in the game, you may need to know who to bring into the fight to help you survive. We’ve got you covered, with a tier list of the best Pokemon to bring into the Great Battle League, so you can try your hardest to emerge victorious! Let’s see who is the best of the best in this lower-powered league.

Best Pokemon To Bring To Great League in Pokemon GO

If you’re looking to have the best team around, there are three specific Pokemon that will help you achieve victory in almost every battle, as well as plenty of Pokemon that will help you survive as long as possible, if not overtake the current meta champions. Here are the best Pokemon to bring into the Pokemon GO Great League!

Pokemon Name Fast Attack Charged Attack
Azumarill Bubble Hydro Pump
Medicham Counter Dynamic Punch
Galarian Stunfisk Mudshot Earthquake
Venusaur Razor Leaf Sludge Bomb
Bastiodon Smack Down Flamethrower
Walrein Waterfall Blizzard
Tropius Razor Leaf Aerial Ace
Sableye Shadow Claw Foul Play
Jellicent Bubble Bubble Beam
Swampert Mudshot Earthquake

Making sure that you have some of these Pokemon on your team will help you emerge victorious as you make your way through the Great League. You’ll need to prepare for many teams consisting of Azumaril, Medicham, and Galarian Stunfisk, as they are currently the highest-rated team when it comes to the Meta of Pokemon GO’s Great League. They all cover their weaknesses quite well, so finding a team using these top 10 Pokemon will help you eliminate this meta, as well as survive even longer than ever.

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Pokemon GO is available now on mobile devices.

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