Valheim Seeds List: Best Starting Locations and Easy Resources

Start your Valheim world with these seeds.

by Diego Perez

Looking for some awesome seeds to for you new Valheim world? Valheim is the latest Steam early access survival game craze, shooting up to the top of the charts immediately after release. This viking themed survival game features procedurally generated worlds, but you can input a string of characters called a seed to tell the game what kind of world to create. If you’re familiar with Minecraft seeds, then they work the same way in Valheim. These are the best Valheim seeds that give you the best starting locations and feature plenty of resources.

Best Valheim Seeds

These are the best Valheim seeds that have been discovered so far.

  • Start in the Green Forest with the Swamp nearby – wVJCZahxX8
  • Start in the Meadow by a lake with boar – wVJCZahxX8
  • Start close to the Desert – 9XXSkHweNp
  • Start on a mountain in the northern part of the map – sZFUrABLgu
  • Start in a tree in the Swamp – yfNmtqZ5mh
  • Start on an island – 0Mvq58FMe0


If you have a unique seed you’d like to share, let us know in the comments down below and we’ll add it to the list. Being a survival game, resources are incredibly important in Valheim. Your seed can drastically alter your early game experience, so choose wisely if you’re planning on using one. Some of the seeds on the above list make the game much easier by starting you off in gentle biomes with plenty of wild animals and plants, while others start you off in harsher climates that will make surviving a bit more difficult.

Also, Valheim is currently in early access and will be regularly receiving updates in the coming months, so some of these seeds may no longer work once the game is updated to a later version. This is highly unlikely to happen unless significant changes are made to the way the game creates its procedurally generated worlds, but this is still something to keep in mind if you’re reading this list after Valheim has been out for a long time.

Valheim is available now on PC. The game is currently in Steam Early Access and will remain in early access for at least one year. For more Valheim seeds, visit the Valheim Wiki.

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