Best Weapons and Items to Buy First in Resident Evil 4

What are you buying?

by Diego Perez
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Money can be hard to come by in Resident Evil 4, so choosing what to buy from the shady merchant is a really important decision every time you encounter him. This decision is made much more difficult at the beginning of the game when you only have a simple pistol to defend yourself from the hordes of infected villagers. The merchant has multiple weapons, attachments, and upgrades on offer every time you meet him, but which of these things are actually worth spending your hard-earned Pesetas on?

What Should You Buy First in Resident Evil 4?

You’ll encounter the merchant at least once per chapter in Resident Evil 4, but you’ll meet him the first time in Chapter 2. You should have at least a few thousand Pesetas saved up by this point, especially if you complete the two requests available before meeting him.

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The main things in the merchant’s inventory that should catch your eye are the powerful new weapons: the shotgun and the rifle. You’ll want to acquire both eventually since they’re key parts of Leon’s arsenal, but which should you buy first? Well, you can afford both if you complete the available requests and sell any treasures in your possession, but if you’re short on funds, one is a better buy than the other.

Image: Attack of the Fanboy

Should You Buy the Shotgun or Rifle First in Resident Evil 4?

The rifle is the better buy compared to the shotgun because of the limited-time deal available during the second chapter. Buying the rifle during Chapter 2 nets you a scope as a free bonus, which will save you a few thousand Pesetas. The shotgun is still an incredibly important piece of equipment that you’ll definitely need at some point, though.

If you don’t have enough Pesetas for both weapons, it’s highly recommended to sell some treasures (make sure to slot gemstones in them first) or complete any requests still in progress. There are some tough combat sections in the first few chapters of the game that will be made much easier with a shotgun and rifle in your inventory.

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