Resident Evil 4 Money Making Guide: Farm Pesetas Fast With These Tips

First aid spray? In this economy?

by Diego Perez
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In a game with as many combat encounters as Resident Evil 4, you’re going to need plenty of Pesetas to purchase ammo, weapons, and supplies from the merchant when you encounter him. Money is hard to come by though, and you won’t be able to buy everything that you need as soon as you need it. There are some easy tricks and tips you can follow to pad your savings, however, as long as you know where to look.

How to Farm Pesetas in Resident Evil 4

As per usual, the best way to stock up on Pesetas is to only spend them when you need to. Don’t stock up on healing items like First Aid Sprays or buy ammo when you can just find herbs and bullets while exploring. Being frugal is the way to go here.

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However, there are a few additional things you can do to add a few extra Pesetas to your wallet. Some of them will result in huge paydays that will net you new weapons and upgrades, while others are easy ways to earn some pocket change if you need additional healing items or ammo.

Selling Treasures

This is the primary way of padding your wallet with plenty of Pesetas. Treasures can be found all throughout the world of Resident Evil 4, but you’ll find most of them in locked Wayshrines. You’ll get the Old Wayshrine Key just a few chapters into the main story, so keep playing if you don’t have it yet.

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Slotting gemstones into treasures can dramatically increase their value. Make sure to reference the gemstone chart to maximize your profits. Never sell gemstones on their own. Always save them for treasures with slots. Any treasures without slots can be sold as soon as you get them, like the gems that drop from hanging containers.


Yes, Resident Evil 4 has fishing. Just a few chapters into the game, Leon will make his way to the nearby lake and gain access to a boat that can take you to several optional areas on the surrounding shores. You’ll also be able to use harpoons, which can be used to spear unsuspecting fish.

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Most fish aren’t worth that much cash, but there are a lot of fish in the lake. Clear some space in your inventory and embark on a fishing trip to earn some extra Pesetas. The merchant has a shop set up on the shore of the lake as well, so you can easily make trips back and forth.

Selling Weapons

Finally, selling unused weapons is an easy way to earn a ton of money fast. You’ll get compensated for any upgrades you’ve purchased for any weapons you sell too, so there’s no reason not to unload something you’re not using.

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If you purchase the Punisher pistol with Spinel, for example, you can offload Leon’s starting pistol without much worry. There are improved versions of other weapons down the road too, like the Riot Gun that can replace your starting pump-action shotgun, so don’t be afraid to sell guns.

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