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BioShock Hidden Trophies and Achievements

Caution: spoilers ahead.

by Jess Menga


BioShock‘s hidden trophies and achievements are just a few of the many ways the game rewards its players in its unique fusion of story and gameplay. BioShock is a game full of secrets, and the 2016 release of BioShock: Remastered only increases the narrative’s mysterious appeal by improving on the visual storytelling experience, especially as players take specific actions in the game to obtain these trophies/achievements, further immersing themselves in the storyline as the game advances. Whether playing the original or the remastered edition, BioShock is best experienced as a narrative which progresses with each choice a player makes.

Note: The following BioShock hidden trophies and achievements may contain spoilers for some players, as each of these triumphs are directly related to the plot of the game. If you are a new player of BioShock, you should continue at your own risk. 

BioShock Hidden Trophies and Achievements


  • Defeated Dr. Steinman: The player has defeated the crazed J.S. Steinman.
  • Defeated Peach Wilkins: The player has defeated Peach Wilkins.
  • Restored the Forest: The player has restored the forests of Arcadia.
  • Completed Cohen’s Masterpiece: The player has completed Sander Cohen’s great masterpiece.
  • Defeated Andrew Ryan: The player has defeated Andrew Ryan.
  • Broke Fontaine’s Mind Control: The player has broken Fontaine’s mind control.
  • Found Cohen’s Room: The player has entered Sander Cohen’s personal quarters in Mercury Suites.
  • Irony: The player has taken a picture of Sander Cohen’s corpse.
  • Became a Big Daddy: The player has become a Big Daddy.
  • Defeated Atlas: The player has defeated Atlas.


  • Brass Balls: The player has beaten the game on the hardest difficulty setting without using a Vita-Chamber.
    • Tip: Disable Vita-Chambers in the Options menu to prevent accidental revival of oneself.

That completes the BioShock hidden trophies and achievements list, which applies to players of PS3, PS4, Xbox 360, Xbox One, and PC. For all other BioShock and BioShock:Remastered trophies and achievements, click here for our comprehensive guide.

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