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Black Ops 4 How to Change Face Paint, Skins and Outfits

Head to the character personalization menu to equip new cosmetics.

by William Schwartz


With Call of Duty Black Ops 4 there are plenty of different ways to customize your character.  You can change their appearance by equipping new skins and outfits, but you can also change things like their face paint by unlocking these items in the Black Market and equipping them to your character.  This guide will quickly explain how to change face paint or war paint for your character and equip new outfits in each game mode.

Changing Face Paint and Outfits in Multiplayer

To change Face Paint and Outfits in Black Ops 4 Multiplayer you will need to be in this area of the game.  From the main menu head into the multiplayer section of the game.  Once there you will see an option at the bottom of the screen for menu.  Press the corresponding button to access this menu and you will have a number of options at the top of the screen.  From here select personalization and you will see all of the Black Ops 4 Specialists.

By selecting a Specialist you will be able to access their Outfits, Gestures, and Tags.  You can essentially set your load out for each Specialist and this setting will persist until you change it.  To change their outfit click on the Outfit tab.  A list of Outfits that you own will populate the left hand side of the screen.  Select which outfit you want by hovering over it and selecting it.

To change War Paint or Face Paint you will need to tab over to that section within the Outfits menu.  By pressing R1/RB you can access this menu and you will be able to see a number of different face paint options depending on how much of the Black Market you have completed.


Changing Outfits and Face Paint in Blackout

Changing your Face Paint and Outfits in Blackout is a little bit different than in multiplayer, but it will function similarly as once you select these items through the character screen they will stay until you change them again.  At the bottom of the main screen in Blackout you will see two options:  Character and Armory.  Select the character option which will take you to a screen that has all of the different Blackout characters.  Many of these characters need to be unlocked by completing different challenges in the game. For details on how to unlock all of the Blackout characters check out this guide.

In this menu you can change hover over the character you want to change an outfit or face paint for and press the Triangle/Y button to enter the Personalization menu. Not all characters will give you the option to change their outfits in Blackout.  Only the Specialists from multiplayer have the ability to change outfits.  Once in the Personalization menu you can select the specialist that you want to change and then select them and go to their specific personalization screen.  From there you will be able to see available outfits, gestures, and tags.

Select outfits and a list of available outfits will populate the left side of the screen.  Select which outfit you would like to change to and it will remain equipped to that character in the Blackout mode.  You can also select different War Paint or Face Paint by tabbing over to this option using the R1/RB button.  Also on the left hand side you will see different Face Paints that you have available to equip.

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