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Black Ops 4 How to Get Outfits and Skins

More skins likely on the way.

by William Schwartz


In Call of Duty Black Ops 4 there are different skin options in multiplayer for each Specialist character.  Once you’ve got skins available to use, you can equip them through the character personalization menu in the game.

Update: New BO4 Specialist Skins Listed Below

At the time of this writing, the only way to get Specialist skins for multiplayer is by having purchased the Deluxe Edition of the game for the bonus skins.  Unlocking this will require that you have progressed to level 7 in multiplayer at which point you can customize your character.  After reaching level 7 the game will prompt you saying that you have redeemed an offer.  You will be able to choose a skin from a list of items which includes the Dia De Los Muertes in the Barracks section.  This skin can only be equipped on one of your Specialist characters.

To unlock new character outfits, players will need to play the game and use the Black Market to unlock Contraband rewards.  These rewards are on a tier system and will unlock during events.  The Black Market will refresh with new items on a daily and weekly basis.

You can check out the different weapons, outfits, tags, stickers, and calling cards available in the current event.

Operation: First Strike Event Outfit and Skin Unlocks

Seraph Outfit and Skin Unlocks

Pistolera – Tier 10 – Legendary Outfit Bundle for Seraph

Red Orchid – Tier 24 – Epic Outfit Bundle for Seraph

Ruin Outfit and Skin Unlocks

Bone Daddy – Tier 31 – Legendary Outfit Bundle for Ruin

Crash Outfit and Skin Unlocks

Berserker – Tier 44 – Epic Outfit Bundle for Crash

Nomad Outfit and Skin Unlocks

Ghost Hunter – Tier 62 – Legendary Outfit Bundle for Nomad

Ajax Outfit and Skin Unlocks

Espiritu – Tier 70 – Legendary Outfit Bundle for Ajax

Auxilia – Tier 78 – Epic Outfit Bundle for Ajax

Battery Outfit and Skin Unlocks

Granadera – Tier 90 – Legendary Outfit Bundle for Battery

Sell Sword – Tier 100 – Epic Outfit Bundle for Battery

Torque Outfit and Skin Unlocks

Gallowglass – Tier 143 – Epic Outfit Bundle for Torque

Mecanico – Tier 114 – Legendary Outfit Bundle for Torque

Firebreak Outfit and Skin Unlocks

Bombero – Tier 126 – Legendary Outfit Bundle for Firebreak

Prophet Outfit and Skin Unlocks

Rayos X – Tier 150 – Legendary Outfit Bundle for Prophet

Crash Outfit and Skin Unlocks

Autopsia – Tier 160 – Legendary Outfit Bundle for Crash

Recon Outfit and Skin Unlocks

Ojo De Vida – Tier 171 – Legendary Outfit Bundle for Recon

Ronin – Tier 184 – Epic Outfit Bundle for Recon

For details on how to unlock skins in Blackout Battle Royale, head here.

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