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Black Ops 4 How to Get the Tactical Unicorn Signature Weapon

It's one of the craziest Signature Weapon Skins in Black Ops 4.

by William Schwartz


Treyarch is doing some interesting things with gun camos in Black Ops 4.  Not simply content with gold gun skins or diamond variants for completing in-game challenges, Black Ops 4 is allowing players to unlock wildly different gun variants like the Tactical Unicorn that gives guns a completely new aesthetic.

These signature gun skins are unlocked through a combination of playing the game and leveling through the Contraband Tier System and performing in-game challenges.  To get the Tactical Unicorn in Black Ops 4 the first requirement that you’ll need to meet is to progress to Tier 105 in Contraband.  Once you’ve gotten there you will then need to complete in-game challenges to unlock the Reactive and Mastercraft Skins for the weapon.

Steps to Unlock Tactical Unicorn Mastercraft

Step 1: Progress to Tier 105 in Contraband

Step 2: Equip Reactive Skin on Damascus GKS and get Bloodthirsty

Step 3: Get 50 Kills to unlock Tactical Unicorn

Completing the tier is just the first step in unlocking the Tactical Unicorn.  Once you get to Tier 105 you’ll actually only unlock the Damascus Signature Weapon, which can then be leveled to become the Tactical Unicorn.  Reaching Tier 105 will unlock the Damascus version of the GKS SMG.  To unlock the Tactical Unicorn you will need to head into your create a class tab and go to the GKS.  From there you should see a small arrow pointing up that signals your Signature Weapon.  You can press up on the d-pad or left analog stick to select the Damascus.

To unlock the Reactive and Masterwork skins for this weapon you will need to have completed the performance challenges for the gun.  This means progressing to the Red Tiger Skin by getting 100 headshots.  Once this requirement is met you can then access the Reactive Camo for the Damascus.

Equip the Reactive Camo and you will have a placeholder camo on the gun that will stay there until you’ve completed a challenge.  For the Tactical Unicorn the challenge is to get a BloodThirsty Medal (Kill 5 players without dying).   This will unlock the Killathon Reactive Camo.

The final step to unlocking the Tactical Unicorn Mastercraft Camo is to get 50 kills with the weapon.  Once you have completed this final challenge you will have the Tactical Unicorn available as a skin for the Damascus GKS.

- This article was updated on:November 30th, 2018

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