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Black Ops 4 How to Unlock Shaw IX in Blackout

Find Zombies and get the Ritual Bowl.

by William Schwartz


Variations of the zombies characters have been introduced to Blackout and with the new skins come brand new challenges to perform in game.  The latest set of challenges allows players to unlock the IX variation for the cast of the zombies mode.  This guide will explain how to get Shaw IX in Blackout by completing his specific challenge, what items you’ll need to find, and what requirements will need to be met.

Head to the Lighthouse, Asylum, Diner, or Boxing Gym for a good chance for the item to drop

As it has been with the zombies characters unlocks in Blackout, you’ll need to head to one of the different zombies spawn points in Blackout.  This includes the Lighthouse, Asylum, Diner, and Boxing Gym.  Basically anywhere that you can start killing zombies will give you the opportunity to find the item that is needed to complete this mission.

The challenge for Shaw IX is that you find the Ritual Bowl.  This item can be found as a drop from zombies that you kill on the map.  Once you’ve got the item you will need to also use 5 perks in the match and then place at a modest spot when you finish.  You’ll need to be Top 30 in Solo, Top 15 in Duos, or Top 7 in Quads.

Just to be safe, you should have the perks active when you die

The IX skin variation for Shaw isn’t the hardest one to get.  Just head to a spot where you’ll find zombies and hope that you get the drop.  Once you do, just make sure that you use your 5 perks before dying once you’re in the Top 30.

Some have reported that the character does not unlock unless you have the perks active when you die.  Though the actual challenge does not make any mention of that requirement.

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