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Black Ops Cold War – How To Activate Double XP

Work toward prestige even faster.

by Dean James


Leveling up in Call of Duty is very important if you want to keep up with other players, due to the unlocks and everything you get with it. You can do this in the game itself without too much problem, but getting a little bit of an advantage is always nice. For years now, Activision has partnered with companies to have promotions through products like Doritos and Mountain Dew, which is also the case this year. We went over how to get the double XP in another guide, but the focus of this one is actually how to activate that double XP after you get it.

How To Activate Double XP

To start, you need to get your double XP codes from the products of your choosing. From there, you need to visit the a special website to redeem for each of the products, which include Totinos, Mountain Dew/Doritos, or Jack Links. Also, if you got the special MEGA 2XP codes from getting them at Walmart, you can redeem them here, which is the same as the Mountain Dew/Doritos link. On the Activision website, make sure that you have your respective console networks connected, such as PlayStation Network, Xbox Live, and so forth. This will make sure that the double XP codes will be tied to your account.

The double XP will not just be automatically activated the next time you play Call of Duty Black Ops Cold War though, as you have to still activate it within the game. This is done by first starting up the game until you get to the menus and select multiplayer. Now head into a lobby for Multiplayer or Zombies and look for an option that says View Tokens. Select one of your 2XP tokens from the list and it will automatically activate.

After you activate the 2XP token, it will start counting down on the 30 minute timer. This means that you should not waste time messing with loadouts and such and should instead try to get as much game time out of the boost as you can. You can use up to two of these a day for 60 minutes total, or a grand total of 40 hours throughout the whole promotion is allowed. While you may not see as much promotion for the event, these codes will last awhile as long as you have them, so make sure to use them up and take full advantage of the double XP while you can.

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