Blue Protocol: Release Date, Characters, Classes and Everything to know

After a long wait, the time has finally arrived

by J.T. Isenhour

Blue Protocol has been in the mind of RPG fans since its announcement back in 2019 and it seems that the radio silence around the game has finally come to an end. During a presentation, a new launch window was presented giving gamers hope to see the game soon. Let’s go over when you can expect to get your hands on Blue Protocol for yourself and what new information we know about that game.

Blue Protocol Release Date Revealed

It has been radio silence for the last year for Blue Protocol but the silence has been broken. During the recent live stream that was hosted a lot of information was revealed about Blue Protocol including an anticipated release date.

Blue Protocol received a spring 2023 release window for PC but this is limited to Japan. However many players still have hope as the team mentioned that a new trailer will be shown during The 2022 Game Awards which might hint toward localization and a global release.

If you are interested in trying the game out you can sign up for a network test that is going to be run in January from the 14 to the 16. The test is planned to host 50,000 players and if more than that amount of people sign up a lottery system will be used to select players.

What Classes Are Confirmed for Blue Protocol

We now know about a few of the classes that are going to be selectable by players when the game launches. Currently, there are five known classes; Aegis Fighter, Blast Archer, Heavy Smasher, Spell Caster and Twin Striker. Each class will have regular weapon skills, four sets of tactical skills and an Ultimate.

The Aegis Fighter seems to be the tanking class as they wield a sword and shield. They can block attacks with the shield but will need to be careful as blocking too many attacks will break their shield gauge and disable any skills that make use of the shield.

Blast Archer doesn’t have much information available about them at the moment. They will most likely be a ranged DPS class as most archers are. They do have one of the few healing abilities that are currently known which might allow them to play a more supportive role depending on other skill options.

Spell Caster will be the other option for ranged DPS as they will use elemental magic to tear enemies apart or burn them to a crisp. Spell Caster will have to make a choice when spell casting as they can empower their spells by charging them up before throwing them out.

The Heavy Smasher is one of your two melee DPS options. Wielding a large hammer, they are able to deal devastating blows to single targets as well as slow down whoever they hit. It was also noted that the ball on the end of the hammer can be used as a cannon by charging up and being fired out. This most likely won’t be their main form of DPS but is nice to have a ranged option on a melee class.

Finally, we have the Twin Striker. This melee DPS can interestingly be used as a backup tank should you not have someone playing an Aegis Fighter. This is because they have built-in lifesteal on their attacks to keep themselves up. However, they can be used as a DPS as well since they deal more damage based on their combo meter which goes up with each hit they land and decreases when they get hit.

It leads to a good balance as they can tank but deal low damage, or DPS and focus on staying out of damage. Hopefully, the trailer at The Game Awards will reveal a bit more about the game and what is coming with it but until then we will just have to wait.

- This article was updated on November 15th, 2022

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