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Black Ops Cold War Zombies: All Tier IV and V Perks

Refreshingly powerful

by Joshua Garibay


Perks and Zombies have long been partners. Black Ops Cold War Season 2 has deepened that relationship, thanks to the introduction of new tiers. Now popular power-ups, like Juggernog, can be made even more effective through the unlocking of additional levels.

The new tiers aren’t acquired with simple Raw Aetherium Crystals like the first three tiers. Only Refined and Flawless Aetherium Crystals have the power to unlock the potent buffs. Fortunately, we have detailed how to secure the latest in-game resource so that cost is not an issue.

Once you have a stash of the necessary crystals, here are the Tier IV and V Perks offerings on which they can be spent.

All Tier IV and V Perks

Tombstone Soda

Tier IV: Respawn near the end of the Round instead of the beginning of the next. Respawn timers are reduced by 50%.

Tier V: Prevent Perk decay while downed. Tombstone Soda is always lost when downed.


Tier IV: Armor durability increased by 25%.

Tier V: Instead of getting downed on a lethal hit, armor is depleted and health is reduced to 1.

Speed Cola

Tier IV: Repair barricades faster. The Mystery Box settles much faster.

Tier V: Fire and reload while sprinting at full speed.

Quick Revive

Tier IV: Reviving an ally will increase both players movement speed for a limited time.

Tier V: Killing an enemy while downed will revive you and remove Quick Revive Perk.


Tier IV: Use equipment while sprinting.

Tier V: Remove sprint speed falloff.

Elemental Pop

Tier IV: Increase enemy elemental weakness damage by 50%.

Tier V: Reloading creates an electric damage discharge that damages and stuns nearby normal enemies. The more empty the magazine, the stronger the damage.

Deadshot Daiquiri

Tier IV: Increase critical bonus damage to 10%.

Tier V: Each consecutive hit on the same enemy deals 2% more damage to a maximum of 20% damage.

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