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Borderlands 3 How to Recover Lost Guns, Use Lost Loot Machine

You'll find your lost loot back on Sanctuary

by William Schwartz


Borderlands 3 constantly has you earning new loot for killing enemies, opening chests, and beating bosses.  There’s so much loot and a limited amount of inventory space, that it’s likely that you miss loot or leave it behind.  The good part about Borderlands 3 is that there is a lost loot machine on Sanctuary that will automatically collect these items for you.

There’s a machine on Sanctuary that will allow you to recover weapons you leave behind

The lost loot machine on Sanctuary is located near the fast travel point at the back of the ship.  This is the area closest to your room and the treasure chest that requires Golden Keys.

Anytime that enemies drop loot that you do not pick up, it will be deposited into the Lost Loot machine.  However, it only works higher level items like blue Blue (Rare) , Purple (Epic), or Orange (Legendary) loot.  Green and White loot will not be stored in the lost loot machine.   The lost loot machine also doesn’t work when you’ve discarded an item.  It will only work on drops that you haven’t touched and this includes items that are found from enemies and from chests.

Will work when you quit out of a game or miss loot, but not if you’ve discarded it

The lost loot machine will work when you quit out of a game, or if you just leave the loot behind or miss it altogether.    The Lost Loot machine does have limited space available, but it can be upgraded by visiting Marcus on Sanctuary.  Purchase an SDU to upgrade the storage capacity of the Lost Loot Machine the same way you increase you inventory space by purchasing SDU.

One final thing to note about the Lost Loot Machine.  It will not allow you to recover guns or items when playing in coopetition mode online, but works as described when playing cooperative. Clearing out the lost loot machine regularly will allow you to take the guns that you recover from the machine and turn them into cash.  Simply head to one of these vending machines to sell your items.

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