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Bravely Default 2: Best Weapons for Each Type

Every weapon type has its favorites.

by Victor Vellas


There is an enormous number of weapons and armors you can collect in Bravely Default 2, but only a select few are considered to be the very best out of them. Also, there is a total of six different weapon types, seven if you count shields in as they can be used offensively too, and in this guide here we are going to take a look at the strongest of each respective type. Please note that every weapon in here is tied to enemies found in Chapter 6 and above, Bravely Default 2’s post game, hence a spoiler warning is needed.

Best weapons for each type found in Bravely Default 2

Every weapon listed here could even be named a ‘Boss’ weapon, as these are the weapons that the Asterisk holders you previously fought, were holding in battle. After completing the game, the option of re-battling everyone is unlocked, in the form of Trials. These Trials can be accessed though Gates that are spread throughout the entire Overworld, and inside await the spirits of those fallen warriors. If you need help locating each of them, make sure to read our guide here.

Defeating them, not only increases the max level that respective Job can reach, but also gives you a chance of each boss dropping their weapons. Ironically, these are the literal best in the game for their own corresponding types, not only stat-wise, but also due to their unique ability of giving the character every single passive ability the respective Job has. For example, if you equip the Givampalui Dagger that you will see below, to Seth, he will automatically have every single passive ability the Thief tree has, even those that are still not yet unlocked, if you haven’t leveled up enough that Job. This enormously increases the amount of choices you have when you build up your team, hence why these are without a doubt the best weapons in the game. Let’s take a look.



  • GivampaluiA knife once wielded exclusively by a dashing bandit chief.
  • Effect when equipped: Thief Passive Abilities
  • Obtained from: Bernard


  • VengeanceA double-bladed knife that dispatches its victims without producing a sound.
  • Effect when equipped: Phantom Passive Abilities
  • Obtained from: Marla



  • Bullhead BladeA sword specially designed for vanguards that fits neatly into its sister shield.
  • Effect when equipped: Vanguard Passive Abilities
  • Obtained from: Dag


  • Red MoonA sword favored by red mages that’s adorned with gleaming rubies.
  • Effect when equipped: Red Mage Passive Abilities
  • Obtained from: Roddy


  • Executioner’s Blade – Designed especially for swordmasters, this huge blade is more suited to severing limbs than making more considered cuts.
  • Effect when equipped: Swordmaster Passive Abilities
  • Obtained from: Gladys


  • Darksoul SwordA weapon shrouded in a mysterious and potent magical aura that’s favoured by hellblades.
  • Effect when equipped: Hellblade Passive Abilities
  • Obtained from: Adam


  • Sword of LightThis bravebearer’s blade slices through the darkness, leaving blinding light in its wake.
  • Effect when equipped: Bravebearer Passive Abilities
  • Obtained from: Sir Sloan



  • HysteriaxMost mere mortals can barely manage to hold this berserker’s axe, let alone swing it.
  • Effect when equipped: Berserker Passive Abilities (Free-for-all will not be activated)
  • Obtained from: Prince Castor


  • Portcullis HammerThe shieldmaster’s hammer can smash enemy armour to smithereens.
  • Effect when equipped: Shieldmaster Passive Abilities (Dual Shields will not be activated)
  • Obtained from: Galahad


  • Foraging ShovelA spade-like salve-maker’s tool that’s used to dig up ingredients.
  • Effect when equipped: Salve-Maker Passive Abilities
  • Obtained from: Glenn



  • Ringmaster’s Spear – A weapon wielded by beastmasters that enables them to instruct their charges.
  • Effect when equipped: Beastmaster Passive Abilities
  • Obtained from: Anihal


  • Draconic Lance – A weapon only entrusted to those who have sworn to server dragonkind.
  • Effect when equipped: Dragoon Passive Abilities
  • Obtained from: Martha


  • Spear of Judgement – A spear wielded by bastions in the service of justice.
  • Effect when equipped: Bastion Passive Abilities
  • Obtained from: Lonsdale



  • Longshot Bow – A gambler’s bow that’s said to have the power to foretell its bearer’s fortune.
  • Effect when equipped: Gambler Passive Abilities
  • Obtained from: Shirley


  • Wildwood BowThe bow of a hunter who’s at one with nature.
  • Effect when equipped: Ranger Passive Abilities
  • Obtained from: Lily


  • Farsight BowThe bow of an oracle who can see how the present will flow into the future.
  • Effect when equipped: Oracle Passive Abilities
  • Obtained from: Domenic



  • Maidenhair StaffA wand made from the wood of a tree with a mighty life force that’s popular with white mages.
  • Effect when equipped: White Mage Passive Abilities
  • Obtained from: Selene


  • LeviathanA black mage’s staff whose double helix design enables it to absorb energy from the atmosphere.
  • Effect when equipped: Black Mage Passive Abilities
  • Obtained from: Lady Emma


  • Fallen Angel’s Harp – A wand beloved of bards that can also be used as an instrument.
  • Effect when equipped: Bard Passive Abilities
  • Obtained from: Orpheus


  • Bloody Brush – A brush-shaped staff with a needle on the end that’s popular with pictomancers.
  • Effect when equipped: Pictomancer Passive Abilities
  • Obtained from: Folie


  • Sunshine Stuff – A spiritmaster’s rod whose design symbolises the mighty life-giving power of the sun.
  • Effect when equipped: Spiritmaster Passive Abilities
  • Obtained from: Helio


  • Crescent Cane – A staff that can be used by arcanists to control the undead.
  • Effect when equipped: Arcanist Passive Abilities
  • Obtained from: Vigintio



  • Bullhead Shield – A shield specially designed for vanguards that fits neatly with its sister sword.
  • Effect when used: Enrage
  • Obtained from: Dag


  • Shield of Clemency – A large, round shield used by bastions to defend the weak and vulnerable.
  • Effect when used: Double Default
  • Obtained from: Lonsdale

With this, we finally reached the end of our Bravely Default 2 best weapons guide. In regards to weapons, these are the absolute best, so you can mix and match as you see fit. I would suggest to try and pair two different weapons with each character, using your Dual Wield ability from the Phantom tree, in order to increase the amount of passives you can stack to each one.

As far as armors go, since the ‘weight’ factor is a thing, there is a huge amount of possible ‘bests’ as even low tier pieces can help immensely some occasions, without increasing the overall weight. This results to a boost to your ‘speed’ stat, and so on, you get the idea. Try to experiment as much as possible, but make sure to have some of the weapons above equipped, as they will significantly help you in your adventure.

Bravely default 2 is exclusively available on the Nintendo Switch.


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