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Bravely Default 2: How to Open Hydrangea Hills Chest

What lies inside the last Treasure Chest of this area?

by Victor Vellas


Blocked paths is a must in every RPG out there and in Bravely Default 2 we happen to find one very early on, in the Hydrangea Hills area. The specific location can be found by heading north of the very first town of the game, Halcyonia. Right at the top of the map, you can head into this beautiful field, find a couple of chests and face against a couple of new enemies. What is odd though, is that there is a specific chest you can’t reach, but it is still visible to you. Let’s find out how to get to that Treasure Chest.

How to get to the last chest of Hydrangea Hills

Start by going up the road in this area, and also go around to look for some accessible Chests and enemies. They are not a lot, so you will be done in mere minutes. Then, stick to the left area of Hydrangea Hills, until you reach a… hill. Climb that up and you can now see a chest on the other side of this hill, connected with a stone bridge.

Right away, you will notice a tall tree blocking your way to the path that leads to that Treasure Chest. As hard as you try to get past it, there is simply no way at that point of time to bypass it. What you need to do first, is to have patience. That would be because you first need to reach a certain point in the story, in order to unlock the ability to cut trees. You heard that right, not only you can cut grass in this game, but also trees. Tremble Link!

To be precise, you need to finish the whole Chapter 1 to receive this awesome new skill, so it may take a while. That said, just by having it, you will be now able to unlock hidden paths that are annoyingly blocked from trees. You can read all about it in this guide here.


After having this ability at hand, head back to Hydrangea Hills. Go back to where the tree was blocking your way, click ‘Y’ to cut it down with your sword, and there you go. The last Treasure Chest is finally waiting for you. Inside you will find the Oak Staff, which is a direct upgrade to any staff that you should have access to by that point, if you headed there the moment you were able to cut trees. Get your new weapon, head back to your main goal and remember to cut down any trees that may look suspicious.

Bravely default 2 is exclusively available on the Nintendo Switch.


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