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Bravely Default 2: Oracle Guide

Oracles can manipulate time and space.

by Victor Vellas


The Oracle Job in Bravely Default 2 is oddly simple, mostly used for enhancing our party and hindering the opposing one with time manipulating spells. Owners of the infamous Haste and Stop skills, the Oracle is a spellcasting, support-type Job, able to control the field or help its paired magic-Job to inflict huge amounts of damage. We are going to look at everything this class has to offer, in this guide below.

Oracle guide and overview

Let me start by saying this. Oracles are not a Job that can stand on their own. They are without a question a class that is supposed to help others achieve their full potential. Most of their skills focus on field manipulation, by controlling the party’s speed and status, or hindering enemies by reducing their efficiency.


Oracle Abilities

  1. Quick: Enable an ally to deliver 50% more hits with the ‘Attack’ command for two turns – 21 MP cost
  2. Slow: Attempt to slow a target down – 26 MP cost
  3. Haste: Make a target able to act more quickly for three turns – 42 MP cost
  4. Elemental Impairment: Reduce a target’s resistance to a selected element for two turns – 55 MP cost
  5. Triple: Perform up to three quick fire, water or lightning magic attacks on a target – 20 MP cost
  6. Elemental Supplement: Imbue a target’s regular attacks (performed with the ‘Attack’ command) and attacking abilities with a selected element for two turns – 46 MP cost
  7. Reflect: Place a magic-reflecting barrier in front of a target for two turns – 36 MP cost
  8. Stop: Attempt to stop a target – 44 MP cost
  9. Elemental Ward: Increase a target’s resistance to a selected element for three turns – 32 MP cost
  10. Noble Sacrifice: When the user is knocked unconscious, any unconscious allies will be revived with full HP. One use per battle – Passive/ 1 Slot
  11. Triplara: Perform up to three fire, water or lightning magic attacks on a target in quick succession – 55 MP cost
  12. Hastega: Make a target able to act a lot more quickly for three turns – 70 MP cost
  13. Quickga: Enable an ally to deliver 100% more hits with the ‘Attack’ command for two turns – 32 MP cost
  14. Slowga: Attempt to slow a target down significantly – 62 MP cost
  15. Triplega: Perform up to three powerful fire, water or lightning magic attacks on a target in quick succession – 110 MP cost

Oracle Specialities

  • Speciality I: In One’s Element – Attacks targeting elemental weaknesses deal 40% more damage, and elemental magic costs 40% less to perform.
  • Speciality II: Moonlighting – Sub-job stat adjustments and weapon aptitudes are applied to the user’s main job.

Oracle Weapon Affinity

  • Swords: C
  • Daggers: C
  • Axes: C
  • Spears: B
  • Bows: B
  • Staffs: C
  • Shields: B

Oracle Overview

As we mentioned above, an Oracle’s purpose is to make another paired Job the best they can, while providing support through their spells. Both of the two Specialities this class has, further support this claim and they also show that Oracles’ targeted group is magic focused Jobs. That said, don’t let this discourage you from mixing an Oracle with any other Job you want, even physical ones.

The Moonlighting Speciality makes this possible, as it gives you the stats and weapon affinities your sub-job has, making the Oracle able to wield and use a lot of unexpected weapons and skills. For example, A Swordmaster can unlock both of the Oracle’s Specialities with his own, hence gathering stats from both Jobs, and the added bonus of being able to cast Haste, Stop and other helpful abilities. You can achieve something similar with the Bravebearer’s passives, so feel free to experiment with whatever Job you want.

Since we mentioned passives, the Oracle only has one passive in its kit, but it’s a very significant one. Noble Sacrifice is in essence, an automatic Raise All from the White Mage’s tree, whenever the character equipped with it dies. What you can do, is to either equip it to everyone in your party, so you can completely avoid team wipes, or simply keep it to one person as an emergency button. Trust me, it’s more helpful than it looks when you start fighting the game’s stronger bosses in post-game.

Overall, Oracles are a very interesting and versatile Job, able to bring a lot to the table. Haste, Stop, Reflect and every other spell in their kit has its usage, they are efficient, and pairing the class with others literally raises it to new heights. And with this, we reached the end of our Oracle guide, and we will continue futher in our next one, with the second optional Job of Bravely Default 2, the Salve-Maker.

Bravely default 2 is exclusively available on the Nintendo Switch.


- This article was updated on:March 14th, 2021

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