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Brawl Stars Colonel Ruffs Guide

A 'Force' to be reckoned with, here is Colonel Ruff's breakdown.

by Victor Vellas


The new doggo in Brawl Stars, Colonel Ruffs, is the newest addition of the roster included with this Season’s Brawl Pass. A support Brawler in nature, he is expected to help his team fight through any kind of enemy, in any kind of mode and map. He constantly covers his allies with his Double-Barrel Laser, while providing support with his trusty Supply Drop.

Let’s take a more in depth look, as to what makes this master strategist a reliable ally.


Class, Rarity and Stats (max level)

  • Type: Suppport
  • Rarity: Chromatic
  • Health: 4200
  • Damage: 700 (per laser)
  • Movement Speed: 720 (very fast)

Moveset and Gadgets

  • Attack: Double-Barrel Laser – 2 simultaneous laser shots are being fired, while bouncing off walls, similar to Rico’s attack. For each bounce their range is increased by 1 tile, up to 3 times.
  • Super: Supply Drop – What we have here is one of the most unique Supers in the game. A supply drop is called into the field, damaging anyone in the landing area, leaving a power-up for the team to grab. The specific buff provides a boost to health and damage (20% damage increase and an extra 700 health). A very helpful fact, is that anyone that picks up this power-up, will receive an insta heal of 700 HP additionally to having their maximum HP increased, so keep that in mind.
    While this lets Ruffs act as an indirect lightweight healer, please note that the specific buff doesn’t stack up and and it disappears after the Brawler that had it, is knocked out. Supply Drop can also destroy breakable obstacles in any map, if you own Colonel Ruff’s Star Power, so it is highly suggested to use it as an utility whenever you have the chance.
  • Super Power: Air Superiority – Lets your Super, Supply Drop, to now destroy walls and bushes, alongside an extra 1000 damage to anyone within the landing area. Very useful Star Power, solidifying Ruffs as an excellent support unit.
  • Gadget: Take Cover – A purely defensive gadget, as 3 sandbags are thrown into the arena, surrounding Ruffs himself. They have 2000 HP each, and provide coverage as long they last.

Preferable Modes (Special Events are not included)

  • Gem Grab
  • Hot Zone
  • Bounty
  • Duo Showdown


Colonel Ruffs is live for a couple of days, however he has already proven to be a significant supporter, who needs to be played mostly offensively. Being a support class is one thing, but the offensive capabilities of his kit are undeniable, so don’t be afraid to be a constant offensive presence in the field.

Not only that, but he is a rather beginner-friendly Brawler who can easily show results, even to unexperienced hands. He can easily keep his distance with his threatening lasers, and from a safe cover he can use his Super to take enemies by surprise. Many Brawlers will have quite a hard time to reach him in order to take him out, especially ones like Bibi and Rosa, and even more will have trouble avoiding his shots, since they can easily bounce to them. A perfectly timed Supply Drop can also turn things around, since an unexpected heal and nuke can determine a fight’s outcome.

That said, Ruffs for sure has it tough against Brawlers like Edgar and Crow, since they can easily jump onto him and knock him out in seconds. The time that’s needed to calculate a good Super, is simply a lot for him to be able to withstand Edgar’s blows, so it is advised to constantly position yourself well with Ruffs, in order to force enemies to stay as far as possible from you.

Out of all the modes and maps, Colonel seems to be exceptionally good in Duo Showdown, as he can act as a support and secondary DPS in one. A very pressuring Brawler to deal with, especially when he has a teammate covering him at any time.

Wrapping up

Colonel Ruffs is a very interesting character to be included in the game, with an already established fan base. The Brawler is far from broken or anything of the likes, but constantly has good performance overall. Being of Chromatic rarity means that unlocking him is only a matter of time, if you own the Starr Force Brawl Pass, therefore he is easily obtainable too.

Ruffs and the new Brawl Stars Season is live now, so make sure to try him out and climb the ladder further!


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