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Broken Age Act 2 Guide: How to Solve the Robot Wire Puzzles

by Kyle Hanson


The tougher of the late game puzzles in Double Fine Production’s return to the point-and-click adventure, Broken Age, is easily the wire puzzles involving the various robots. Both Shay and Vella will have to rewire a robot multiple times. In order to figure out where the three wires go you’ll have to bounce between the two and do a bunch of trial and error. We would normally supply you with the solution, but unfortunately it is randomized for different players. Instead we’ll give you some tips for how to figure it out for yourself.

  • Each node that the wire can connect to has a corresponding symbol.
  • To figure out what symbol is assigned to what node attach them and place the Hexapod in the charging station next to Alex’s door
  • Whenever you’re rewiring a bot the pattern is contained in the other story
    • For Shay rewiring the Hexapod the pattern is shown in the background of a picture found in Mom’s room on the ship
    • For Vella rewiring her bot to play the harp the pattern is in a book on the table in Alex’s basement
    • The symbol on the left is the node that you started on, so the order matters
  • The first time Vella has to rewire her bot just follow the burn patterns
    • The order of the wires is determined by the color of the burn
    • Start at the larger burn end and attach to the other
  • Important: When you figure out a pattern be sure to document it. You will need to use them again on both sides of the story.

These are the best tips I can give without spoiling things, or knowing how your game is setup. If you have any questions or feel that I missed anything leave a comment below and I’ll update the guide.


- This article was updated on:April 17th, 2017

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