Brotato: All Characters and How to Unlock Each

Unlock all these great characters!

by Christian Bognar

Brotato is an exciting game that provides an addictive loop of fighting off horde of enemies. There are tons of customization options in Brotato, including numerous amount of characters, items, and also weapons. Unlocking all the characters can get confusing, which is why we are here to help. Below we have compiled a list of all 25 unlockable characters and what needs to be done to have them become playable.

How to Unlock All Characters in Brotato

Players can unlock characters through different categories, including surviving, gathering materials, completing challenges, and through different difficulty levels. All of these characters below do not include the ones you start with by defualt.



Old – Kill 300 enemies in total
Mutant – Kill 2,000 enemies in total
Loud – Kill 5,000 enemies in total
Wilding – Kill 10,000 enemies in total
Gladiator – Kill 20000 enemies in total

Gathering Materials

Lucky – Collect 300 materials
Generalist – Collect 2,000 materials
Multitasker – Collect 5,000 materials
Pacifist – Collect 10,000 materials
Saver – Collect 20,000 materials


Chunky – Die for the first time
Sick – Reach 5% health regeneration
Farmer – Reach +200 harvesting
Ghost – Reach 60% dodge
Speedy – Reach 50% speed
Entreprenuer – Hold 3000 materials
Engineer – Get five turrets on the map simultaneously
Explorer – Kill 50 trees total
Doctor – Heal 200 hp in one wave


One armed – Win a run in danger 0
Bull – Win a run in danger 1
Soldier – Win a run in danger 2
Masochist – Win a run in danger 3
Knight – Win a run in danger 4
Demon – Win a run in danger 5

Once you have unlocked all of these characters, you can then go on to unlock all of the items and weapons available in Brocato. Doing so will allow you to create the best and most unique builds that will give you an advantage against the horde of enemies.

Brotato is available now on PC. 

- This article was updated on November 2nd, 2022

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