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Black Ops Cold War – Fastest Ways to Level Up

Level up as fast as you can to reach Prestige.

by Diego Perez


Call of Duty: Black Ops Cold War is finally here, and a new COD game means starting over from level 1 in multiplayer. The real fun doesn’t start until you unlock features like Create-A-Class and all the new weapons and abilities, so a lot of people understandably want to fast track the leveling process and level up as fast as possible. You won’t be able to skip from level 1 to 55 instantly, but there are a few ways to speed things up and get a head start on the road to Prestige. Here are the fastest ways to level up in Call of Duty: Black Ops Cold War.

Play the Right Game Modes

You can play Team Deathmatch all day if you want, but some game modes award more XP than others. Large-scale modes and objective-based modes are the best ones to play if you’re looking to level up quickly.


Hardpoint, Control, and Domination are great if you want to play standard 6v6 modes, but Fireteam Dirty Bomb and Combined Arms rewards large amounts of XP if you can put up with the increased player counts and bigger maps.

Complete Challenges

Completing challenges is another way to level up quickly. Check the Challenges tab of the menu to see which ones you’ve yet to complete and then focus on those during your next match. Boot Camp challenges are a great place to start.


It also helps to use different weapons and complete their weapon mastery challenges, which you can view in the gunsmith in the Weapon Mastery tab. These start to slow down once you’ve reached a high weapon level with a gun, so try using guns you’ve never used before so you can get those low-level challenges out of the way quickly.

Take Advantage of Double XP

You can get double XP codes by purchasing various snacks and drinks that will accelerate your progression. The age-old stereotype of Doritos and Mountain Dew actually applies here, as both brands award double XP if you buy the specially marked packages. You can enter your promo codes here and the benefits will apply to your account if it is linked.


There are also frequent double XP weekends across all platforms, so try to play when these are active. Treyarch typically announces the dates ahead of time, so clear your schedule if you want to grind efficiently. PlayStation players will also receive exclusive monthly double XP events, and playing in a party with friends will net PlayStation players a 25% XP boost.

Call of Duty: Black Ops Cold War is available now for PC, PS4, PS5, Xbox One, and Xbox Series X|S.

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